Dream of: 25 March 1999 "Work Permit"

I had taken a job as an attorney in a government agency in Texas. The large room in which I was working, filled with desks and people, brought to mind the capital building in Austin, where I seemed to be.  

As part of my job, I had been given the task of obtaining a work permit for a young black boy, who was brought into the room and led to my desk. I already knew the boy. He was from another country and I had recently obtained his immigration papers for him. He appeared to have no family, and I had grown rather attached to him. I pulled him toward me and held him in my arms, letting him sit on my lap. I hoped nobody in the room misinterpreted my feelings for the boy. I only wanted to protect and help him. He seemed so defenseless and alone.

When we both stood back up, I walked over to the desk of my supervisor to talk with him about the situation. My supervisor was a slender black man (perhaps 40 years old) with glasses. I explained I was having some doubts about obtaining the work permit for the boy. I wasn't entirely certain how old the boy was, but I thought he was certainly younger than 16. I was under the impression it was illegal for anyone under 16 to work in Texas.

I told my supervisor if I had a copy of the Texas Statutes (a voluminous set of black books) I would be able to quickly find the law regarding work permits. I lamented the statutes weren't here. I mentioned to my supervisor there was a set of the statutes upstairs, and suggested I go up and look at them. 

My supervisor agreed, and I quickly headed upstairs. Once I had found the books, I began searching through them for the law. When I found the section of the law on work permits, I noticed several paragraphs had small pictures of wings like Air Force wings at the beginning of the paragraphs. I quickly concluded the wings were symbols that denoted the circumstances when a person could obtain a work permit. Obtaining a work permit resembled obtaining wings. It made sense to me.

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