Dream of: 22 March 1999 "Villanagmuso"

My step-aunt Lou was living with her children in a house which I was visiting. She and I were in the bedroom, which contained about 10 single beds lined up in two rows. Everybody in the family slept in this one room, and since I would be staying here for a while, I would also be sleeping here.

I hadn't seen Lou in a long time. She looked as if she were only about 30 years old and was much prettier than I recalled her to be. I had never known Lou well, and had hardly ever talked with her, but now we sat down across from each other and began having a conversation.

Lou quickly told me she was feeling depressed. I looked outside through the window and noticed what a dismal, rainy day it was. I wondered if the weather was affecting people. I must have talked to 10 people this very day who had told me they were depressed. I recalled that even I had gone through a bout of depression six or seven months ago, but fortunately my depression had been short-lived, and I thought I had even discovered the formula for overcoming depression.

I asked Lou if she knew what was making her depressed, and she replied, "I need to ..." I didn't pay any attention to what she "needed" to do, but I immediately told her I thought I understood the cause of her depression. I explained that people often thought they "needed" to do things. It was this "need" that people felt which caused them to be depressed. I continued to explain to Lou that if she would simply change her way of thinking so she wasn't concentrating on what she "needed" to do, she could overcome her depression.

I told Lou that instead of thinking about what she "needed," she should simply concentrate on things which made her happy, things which she enjoyed thinking about. This was the method I had used to overcome my depression. Whenever I had started to have negative thoughts, I had simply replaced them with thoughts about things which brought me pleasure.

Lou didn't appear to be paying much attention to what I was saying and I doubted she would try to use my method. Instead she began talking about her son, Harry. Of all her sons, Harry was the one I liked best. I knew that he was a young fellow (in his early 20s) and that he was living in another country. Lou said Harry would be coming home for a visit on Wednesday. Since Wednesday was only two days away, I thought I might still be here and be able to see Harry again. I told Lou I would like to see Harry again, but in reality I wasn't particularly enthused by the idea.

Lou mentioned that she herself was thinking about going out of the country for awhile, and that she might visit Australia. I immediately pulled out a map of Australia and asked Lou to show me where she was thinking of going. She said she would be going to east Australia. I looked at the eastern half of Australia on the map, trying to figure out where Lou might be going. I saw a couple large rivers with their names right next to them, but I doubted if Lou would know where the rivers were. Instead, I began asking her the names of cities on the map. The capital of the eastern state at which I was looking was "Bera." I asked her if she knew where "Bera" was, but she didn't. I then asked her if she knew where two of the other cities on the map were: "Concurso" and "Villanagmuso," but she didn't recognize them either.

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