Dream of: 13 March 1999 "The Most Fascinating Person"

It was the last day of the fair and all the booths were closing down. However, I still wanted to take a look in the livestock barn, because I hadn't yet seen the animals. When I walked into the barn, I saw that most of the animals were still there in their respective stalls. I thought I would simply walk down the rows and look at them. As I strolled along, my attention was soon drawn to several small kittens huddled together under a table. One little gray cat looked deformed as if its legs were bent out of shape. It clumsily walked around, finally standing up on its back legs and walking upright.

I was fascinated by the way the kitten was walking, thinking how unusual it was for a cat to walk on its back legs. But finally, I realized the animal wasn't a cat at all, that it was actually a little monkey. I moved closer to the monkey until I was right in front of it. It was so darling, I wanted to hold it. I held out both hands toward the monkey, sticking out my index fingers so that the monkey could grab hold of them like a child.

Finally, the monkey and I sat down next to each other, with it sitting on my right. I felt quite comfortable with the monkey, and began talking with it as if it were a person. Gradually I realized I was actually talking to a person. At least he looked like a person. He was perhaps 30 years old, a good-looking man with short black hair. It took me a while, though, before I realized he wasn't a person, but a robot.

I was amazed at how well he functioned. He looked and talked exactly like a man. He was definitely the best robot which I had ever seen. I told him that I had met another robot once before, but it had moved and talked very erratically, as might be expected of a robot.

As I talked with the robot, I noticed that he had a price tag on his ankle - $500.00. I was definitely interested, and asked him if he were for sale. He indicated he was for sale. This sounded great. If I bought him, I could have him work for me, especially doing research. I could always use more help for that. I suddenly realized this was exactly what I needed – a robot who could work for me.

The robot and I were sitting in the front seat of a car. He was sitting in the passenger seat, while I was in the middle. Suddenly the driver's door opened and a women slid into the driver's seat. I immediately recognized her. Although I hadn't known her long, I was completely in love with her. Her name was Lillian. She was perhaps 30 years old, and had blonde hair. She wasn't what most people would consider beautiful, but she was beautiful to me. She looked somewhat like the actress Janeane Garofalo, only with blonde hair. I gave her a kiss, and then introduced her to the robot. At first I couldn't remember the robot's name, but them recalled that his name was Lesley. I said, "Lillian, Lesley is the most fascinating person I've ever met in my life."

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