Dream of: 02 March 1999 "Struggle"

 In early 1930s Germany, the Nazis had recently come to power. I was quite concerned about Nazi rise to dominance because – I was a Jew. Although the persecution of the Jews hadn't yet begun in earnest, I was wary of what might happen. While I was out walking on the street, I noticed some Nazi soldiers loading up several Jews into a truck to take somewhere. The Jews were told they were simply being transported to an area outside of town where they would be released.  I was suspicious that not all was as it should be, and I decided to follow.

When the truck stopped, the Jews were unloaded and led to the edge of a cliff. I watched in shock as the Jews were pushed over the cliff. They landed scattered along the jagged rocks. Then to finish them off, the Nazis began tossing small sticks of dynamite (no larger than firecrackers) over the cliff onto the sprawling Jews.

I left the scene in a car with several other Jews, still shaken by what I had seen. I was disturbed because I hadn't wanted to become involved in any struggle against the Nazis. But now I was feeling as if I were being drawn into the looming battle. The other Jews in the car were trying to convince me to join the movement against the Nazis. I protested that such a struggle would be much too difficult, that we didn't even have the necessary equipment.

I pointed out that laptop computers would be essential, and that we didn't have any. Slowly I began to realize if I put my mind to it, I could probably somehow find a laptop. With a laptop, I could begin to fight against the Nazis.

I didn't like the idea. I didn't want to get involved. But whether I wanted it or not, I was involved.

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