Dream of: 01 March 1999 "Relatives"

I had been told that the skeletons of my two brothers, my brother Chris and my brother Adolph (both of whom had died long ago) had been preserved and that it was possible for me to have the skeletons. As I imagined what the skeletons would look like, I pictured them somewhat as works of art which I might put on display in my home. I pictured the skeletons as being only 60-70 centimeters long, and capable of standing in an upright position.

At the same time, I was informed, however, that the skeletons had certain disfigurations. The body of Adolph's skeleton was somewhat deformed, while the skull of Chris's skeleton was disfigured. This seemed backwards to me. After all, Chris was the one who had had muscular dystrophy and whose body had become deformed. It seemed that it should be the body of Chris's skeleton, and not that of Adolph's, which should be deformed. I was anxious to see the skeletons.

My great-uncle Ray drove up and offered to take me to where the skeletons were located. I got in the front passenger seat and we drove off. I was happy to see Ray. I knew he was the last living brother of my father's father, and that he also probably wouldn't live much longer. As he spoke, I detected a slight odor of alcohol on his breath, a distinctive licorice odor similar to the odor of a type of alcohol which my father sometimes drank. It seemed curious to me that Ray would be drinking the same type of alcohol as my father.

Ray mentioned that his daughter Brenda was in town and in a house not far from us. He also said that my first cousin Barbara (the daughter of my mother's brother) was with Brenda, and he wanted to know if I would like to stop and see them. This seemed like a wonderful idea. I had probably not seen Brenda or Barbara in 20 years or more. I could just imagine hugging both. Seeing them again would be great.

We quickly reached the house where Brenda and Barbara were staying. It looked more like a garage with a second story apartment than a house. A bright shiny new red Corvette was sitting in the driveway. Ray said the Corvette belonged to Brenda. He also said that both Brenda and Barbara were on the second floor of the building. I opened the door of the car, hopped out, and headed toward the stairs, anxious to see my relatives.

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