Dream of: 23 February 1999 "Hong Kong Or Bust"

My pet Dalmatian Chaucer, my pet Dalmatian Picasso, and I were lying in the grass in the large vacant lot beside the House in Patriot. I was thinking about what had happened the day before when I had gone to the Gallia County Fair. I had first started visiting the fair when I had been about ten years old, and thereafter, every summer of my youth, I would plan to visit my grandfather Liston and my grandmother Leacy, for a week so I could attend the fair. As I had grown into my early teens, I had become interested in meeting girls at the fair, and had always had success in doing so.

This time when I had visited the fair, it had been no different. Although I was so much older now, I had meet several attractive young women (probably in their early 20s). Even though there was such an age difference between us, the women had still been attracted to me. Of course, I now reflected that one reason I had been successful in picking up women yesterday was because I had been drinking alcohol. It had always been the case with me: if I would drink, I just seemed to develop a natural knack for picking up women. However, if I didn't drink, I tended to be reserved and held back. Of course I hadn't been drunk; I had just had enough to loosen my inhibitions. I had even eaten something to cover the odor of alcohol, and doubted anyone had even known I had been drinking.

While I had been at the fair, I had also been surprised to encounter a couple of old friends, one of whom had been Jon. Since I knew Jon lived in Texas, I was surprised to see him at the fair. However, it seemed he only lived about 40 miles from the fair, so it wasn't such a long ways after all. Jon quickly joined in the merriment of the fair, and he also had success with the women. Now, the next day, as I lay in the grass, I wondered what had happened to Jon, and whether he would visit the fair again.

Directly behind the vacant lot where I was lying was the garden, a long patch of land where my grandparents had grown vegetables. A group of 30-40 people were congregated in the garden area. I surmised that they were people who lived here in the village, and that they had come to the garden to do exercises. Most looked older; some seemed like successful Jewish businessmen. But some were younger. One black-haired women was particularly striking, especially since she wasn't wearing a top and her breasts were visible. Another older woman also had uncovered her breasts, but she wasn't nearly as attractive as the younger woman.

Suddenly all the people in the garden began moving toward me. But they were moving much faster than I would have anticipated. Finally, I realized they were on motorcycles or four-wheelers. I scrambled to make sure my dogs were safe. But now I realized that not my dogs, but my brother Chris was with me. Since Chris had muscular dystrophy, he was helpless to protect himself; I would have to protect him. I held his fragile body close to mine, feeling his soft blonde hair. I was determined to make sure no harm would come to Chris.

After all the people had passed by us, I wondered if any knew who I was, and that I was planning to live in Patriot for a while. I wondered if they had heard about my being at the fair, and whether they had formed disdainful opinions of my behavior. Probably not; I had dipped into and out of the fair before anyone really had a chance to notice me.

But, I felt sure I would soon develop a reputation for being somewhat eccentric. I might even encourage such a reputation. To do so, I envisioned building a little machine, a sort of capsule big enough to hold one person. It would have all the appearance of a science fiction time machine. I would station the machine right here in the yard, and on the side, in big bold letters, I would put a sign which would say, "Hong Kong or Bust." That should give the people something to wonder about.

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