Dream of: 22 February 1999 "The Wedding"

 I had arrived at a wedding to which I had been invited. At some point, I reflected I had never been invited to, nor attended, a wedding. Then I realized that my memory was incorrect, and that indeed I had attended the wedding of Walls, and the wedding of Wheat. It seemed as if I might have even been invited and gone to other weddings.

At this wedding, I was acquainted with the bride, who was one of four sisters. However, I didn't know her well, I didn't know her sisters at all, and I wasn't even sure why the bride had invited me. Nevertheless, I had come, and as a gift, I had brought a single long-stemmed, whitish-pink rose, stratified with red. I could see the rose now, sitting in a slender vase at the front of the aisle, in the center of a long wooden stand. Other flowers adorned each end of the stand. On the far right of the stand stood another rose, dark red. At the far left appeared a large bouquet of flowers. I had heard that someone had proffered the bouquet, and I wondered if my single rose would be disdained. However, I decided the rose was quite sufficient.

The room in which I was sitting was simple, undecorated, and bright. Metal folding chairs had been arranged in rows. Perhaps 25 other people and I were sitting in the chairs – not a large crowd. The sisters of the bride were dispersed among the group, while the groom sat next to me on my left.

I had never met him. When I looked at him more closely, I realized he was a foreigner, probably oriental. Dressed in black with a white shirt, he looked as if he were probably in his mid 40s. I was unsure, but I believed the bride was considerably younger than he, perhaps by as much as 20 years.

The groom and I struck up a brief conversation. He was rather dour, but not uninteresting. He mentioned something about a real estate transaction that seemed as if it might involve a high-rise office building. I quickly concluded I might be interested in talking more with him later. I had once been involved in several real estate deals, and I had done passing well. It might be worth my time to take another look at real estate opportunities.

However, as I looked at the groom, my attention was distracted by something I could see over his shoulder. Sitting at a table behind him, next to the wall, were several women, one of whom was a sister of the bride. She, as all the other sisters, was probably in her early 20s. She also was dressed in black. Her most intriguing aspect, however, was her long slender leg, encased in black stocking, held by a black garter. Her skirt was so short, I could see all the way up her thigh, from the point where her hose was connected to the garter strap, up her bare thigh into a region covered by something white, almost transparent.

A flurry of activity spread through the room. It was announced that we would now have a meal. People began moving around to different tables, which were now interspersed among the chairs in the room, and everyone except me seemed to be joining a group. Since I didn't really know anyone here anyway, I decided to simply stay where I was. The groom had left the seat beside me empty, but on the other side of where he had been sitting, several women had now gathered to partake of their meal. A table now sat before me, the same table being used by the little group of women to my left. I could look at them, and also stare past them to the woman in the garter belt who was still sitting against the wall. Although no one sat down right next to me, I eventually felt comfortable being by myself.

Before we were served any food, a collection basket, made of pale wicker, was passed. As one woman in the little group to my left handed the basket to me, she indicated that she didn't think it was appropriate to ask for a collection at a wedding, and that she hadn't put in any money. She also pointed out that no bills were in the basket, but only coins, and most of those pennies. Although I didn't particularly want to put in any money, I decided at least for appearance's sake, I should put in something. I reached into my pocket and pulled out perhaps 15-20 pennies, and put them into the basket in such a way that no one could see what I had put in. I didn't want anyone to see that I had only put in pennies, and I preferred that everyone be deceived into thinking I had put in more.

After the collection, the food was brought out. I was handed a plate and as I poked around at the food with my utensil, I became disappointed by the lackluster fare. The main portion in the center of the plate was kidney beans, hardly what I would have anticipated for a wedding.

The little group of women to my left likewise seemed unimpressed with the food. I listened to the four or five women in the group talk. What finally caught my attention was a girl (perhaps 7-8 years old) sitting with the women. The girl unexpectedly blurted out something about someone having sex with someone else. The women in the group seemed embarrassed, and one said the little girl said things like that all the time. Then they looked down toward me, as if they were expecting me to add something. Uncertain what exactly I should say, I called back that I had heard what the girl had said, even sitting way down here where I was.

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