Dream of: 20 February 1999 "Another World"

Carolina was sitting next to me on my right at a long table, filled with people sitting on both sides. The table was piled high with the food of a sumptuous feast. Although I didn't know anyone sitting at the table, I felt comfortable and was enjoying myself.

Sitting straight across from us were two young women who began talking with us. Unexpectedly, one of the women asked me what I wanted to do with my life. Normally, I didn't care to tell people what I really wanted to do with my life. But I decided that since I didn't even know these women, I might as well go ahead and tell them the truth. I began by using the word, "fundamentally" which I repeated several times while I spoke.

I began trying to explain to the women that I believed there were two worlds. I said that we currently lived in one world, but that there was another world which we weren't able to perceive. To clarify what I meant, I said the other world was the world where we existed before we were born and where we went after we died. However, I explained, I wanted to visit the other world while I was still alive in this world. That was my goal in life – to visit the other world.

I tried to explain that I thought I might have already visited the other world, but I added "… but I just can't remember." I wanted to explain that I seemed to have a sort of amnesia, similar to the way I often forgot my dreams. I had the feeling that I had already been in the other world, even while I had been alive, but that I just couldn't remember it.

I was surprised to see both women nodding favorably, as if they understood what I was saying.

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