Dream of: 14 February 1999 "Prison"

I had been imprisoned in a women's prison where I shared quarters with the women. I was able to walk through the halls where I had more freedom than the women. As I passed the women, I reflected that I hadn't yet tried to strike up a relationship with any, and that at the moment I wasn't interested in doing so. But I could see if I later decided I wanted know one of them better, I wouldn't have a problem.

However, before I knew what happened, I was transferred to a men's prison in Iran. I could hardly believe that this was happening to me, that I could again be in prison in Iran. I remembered how depressing my first stint in an Iranian prison had been, and for a moment I thought I would sink into depression. But I suddenly realized I had changed considerably since the first time I had been in Iran; this time I would be able to handle the situation much better. I would use my time as best I could, clear out my mind. I would have time to read as much as I wanted. Of course the only book available here might be the Bible. But I enjoyed the Bible and was sure I could spend many hours delving into it.

At worst, I might be forced to work all day and I wouldn't be able to read. But I thought even such drudgery wouldn't much bother me. I was strong enough now to handle even that.

I could also write letters. Surely I would write to my sister. She would be surprised to know I was once again in prison. I thought my brother-in-law would also be surprised, and I could just hear him asking my sister why I couldn't seem to stay out of trouble. My brother-in-law would say that it didn't make sense, that I was a lawyer, that I was an educated person, that I could speak several languages. Why could I not seem to stay out of prison, he would ask.

As I settled into the prison, I was surprised to find Seeley (probably in his late 30s) also imprisoned here. I sat down next to Seeley and began talking with him. He explained he was having a problem with his passport and he confessed he hadn't actually had a passport when he had entered the country. Instead he had used another document which had displayed his picture on it, and that document had been taken by the authorities.

We were suddenly interrupted when an army officer and several soldiers marched into the room. It was quickly clear that the prison was going to be attacked, and that the officer was trying to decide what to do with the prisoners. In my mind, I began to imagine what might happen. I could see a long line of perhaps 100 prisoners being marched out into a desolate and barren field. All prisoners would be lined up in front of a long row of soldiers with rifles. My imagination was so strong, I seemed to be actually viewing the scene. Shocked, I realized all the prisoners in the line were going to be executed by the soldiers. Suddenly, beginning at one end of the line of prisoners, hidden mines began going off, blowing the prisoners to pieces. All the prisoners stood and docily waited as the bombs exploded one after the other down the line of prisoners.

I was shocked by how the prisoners made no attempt to escape. I thought they at least might try to run, even if they might be shot by the soldiers. Attempting to escape would at least be better than simply waiting to be blown up.

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