Dream of: 10 February 1999 (2) "Social Issues"

Sitting at my computer, I was writing a convoluted and disturbing dream about a teenage girl who had been abducted. Since I intended to post the dream on my website, I had used hypertext to underline and highlight in blue certain words in the dream, which when clicked, would lead to other websites. However, I had also underlined and highlighted in blue other words which weren't links to other sites, but which were simply underlined and highlighted for emphasis. I realized I would have to change this, because it would be rather confusing for the reader if all highlighted words were not links.

As I set about making the changes, thinking about what powerful tools these hyperlinks were, a completely new idea suddenly came to mind. I left the page on which I was working and clicked on my web home page. It suddenly occurred to me that with a hyperlink, I could link my dream to a column which I could write on my home page. I had never thought about doing anything like this before. But now I saw that when I wrote a dream, I could link the dream back to some kind of commentary which I could write on my home page.

Looking at my home page screen, I typed out the words "Social Issues." These words suddenly took on a new significance for me. Although I had never felt drawn to such a topic, I could now see its importance. in addition, I could conceive of various other topics of commentary, depending upon the subject matter of my future dreams. Once I had established different subjects of commentary, I could link my dreams to the particular topics on my home page where I could discuss each dream within the context of the topic. For example my current dream -- about the teenage girl who had been abducted -- seemed particularly relevant as a social issue. I had been shaken by the dream, and I thought it was an appropriate issue to discuss. Perhaps I could somehow prevent future abductions of teenage girls.

As I was typing the words "Social Issues," I also became quite emotional. I had long thought I would write something dealing with my dreams, but I had never thought I would be writing in a journalistic mode, giving social commentary. But now it seemed to make sense. I knew quite a few people had been reading my dreams because I could see that the counter on my home page was rapidly rising. If I linked my dreams to my home page with some kind of daily commentary, undoubtedly even more people would read.

This whole concept was far removed from my original intention in writing dreams. But many roads seemed to have led me here. Even my being a lawyer could prove helpful if I were writing regular columns.

Most significantly, however, I felt a powerful wave of emotion, as if I were being blessed by God. The emotion reached its height as I was typing the letter "I" in "Issues." I felt as if this was exactly what God wanted me to do, and that I was extremely fortunate to have God guiding me. I felt as if I were convulsing inside, as if I were going to cry. But I didn't actually shed any tears.

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