Dream of: 06 February 1999 "Rope"

I was walking along a street in Portsmouth, Ohio - the same street I used to walk on my way to school in the sixth grade. I was carrying a musical instrument which somewhat resembled an oboe, with a tiny metal tube on the end. I put the tube in my mouth and began blowing, trying to force a sound from the instrument. A few exhilarating notes emerged. The exercise was invigorating and made me want to learn more. But as I continued walking, I held the instrument at my side in my right hand, and soon, instead of a musical instrument, it resembled a thick rope, perhaps two meters long, rolled up in my hand.

When I reached the corner of my old elementary school, I saw a group of people gathered on the other side of the street, and I thought about joining them. Instead, I remembered I wanted to go into one of the nearby houses and visit someone living in one: Paul McCartney. I stepped onto the porch of the two-story frame house, opened the door and walked into the dark living room.

McCartney, standing in the room, seemed to be expecting me. He looked as if he might be in his mid 30s. He had a thick black stubble on his face, as if he hadn't shaved for many days. The room was untidy, like McCartney himself. It looked as if he had been holed up in this room for many days without leaving. But now that I had come, he seemed ready to go outside. He even seemed anxious to once again go out into the light of day.

As he was getting ready to leave, I picked up a notebook lying on a coffee table and opened it. The notebook only had two or three pages which were covered with pictures which McCartney had apparently pasted into the notebook. One page had the pictures of many cars posted on it, and on one car was the name "Linda." I knew Linda was McCartney's wife; I thought the car must be connected to her.

But what most caught my attention was a page of drawings of men hanging from ropes around their necks. There must have been 20 of the little hand-drawn pictures on the page. I had no idea what the pictures meant, but they certainly were startling.

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