Dream of: 01 February 1999 "Sanctuary"

I was visiting a religious sanctuary which seemed like a convent or monastery. I was quite drawn to the place, and I was even thinking of spending some time here. As I walked around the park-like grounds, along the shore of a lake, I thoroughly enjoyed the surroundings. However, I knew I had made a terrible mistake: somehow I had managed to injure one of the animals which roamed about the area. Although I had been warned that the animals weren't to be bothered and that I would be forced to leave if I injured another one, I nevertheless even managed to injure a second animal.

As I continued walking along the banks of the lake, I noticed a small group of people walking toward me. When we reached each other, one member of the group disengaged herself from the others and stepped up in front of me. She was about 30 years old and dressed like a nun, except her habit was pure white instead of black. She was clearly the person in charge of this small group, perhaps the person in charge of the whole place.

She stared at me and told me that because I had injured the second small animal, I must go to jail for six weeks, and that I must pay a fine of $1,000. Before I could make any response, she turned, rejoined her group and walked off.

When I finally regained my composure, I ran after them. Once I had caught up with them, I stood in front of the woman and forced her to stop. The others in her group (including a couple strong-looking men) stepped toward me as if they were going to push me back. However, the woman allowed me to speak, and I began remonstrating with her not to put me in jail. She simply shook her head as if there were nothing that could be done and that I would have to undergo the punishment. Nevertheless, I didn't give up and I continued to beseech her to let me stay here, and not force me to go to jail. Still she refused. Still I pleaded. I felt I simply must continue my efforts to dissuade her. Finally, she relented. With a wave of her hand, she told me to appear tomorrow at 1 p.m. She then rejoined her group and they all walked away. I was immensely relieved.


The next day at 1 p.m. I appeared in the appointed room. The place seemed like a classroom and about 20 young women were sitting in chairs. As soon as I entered the room, I noticed a blue ball (about the size of a soccer ball) on the floor. I immediately thought that in order to prove my worthiness to remain here in this sanctuary, I might show the people in the room how powerful I was by mentally causing the ball to move around the room. I looked at the ball and began concentrating, but I wasn't able to move the ball. I became so absorbed in my concentrating that I lost my awareness of the other people in the room.

When I finally gave up on moving the ball and looked back at the women in the room, they all looked like tiny black marbles instead of women. Since the marbles were so much smaller than the blue ball, I thought I might be able to move them, and I began concentrating on them. Slowly the balls began to move around the room. I was elated. I figured when the women in the white robes learned of my feat, she would probably let me stay without having to go to jail. And at this point, I definitely wanted to say here.

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