Dream of: 28 January 1999 "Dee"

Sitting in front of my computer, I was beginning to understand why so many of my dreams seemed to take place in the bathroom. The bathroom wasn't exactly the place where I would like to be in my dreams, especially since so many people read my dreams. There was something just a little too intimate about locating so many dreams in the bathroom. However, now I began to realize that my dreams were so often in the bathroom because my computer was set up here in the bathroom.

As I worked on the computer, I became distracted by a cup of hot water which I was boiling on a heating device in the bathroom. I was worried the water would boil down completely and that the fragile white cup would be ruined. I was also concerned about a similar cup which was boiling downstairs in the kitchen. I knew I needed to go down to the kitchen and check the cup down there.

At the same time, I was thinking about a woman whose acquaintance I had made on the internet, a woman named Dee, whom I had never met in person. I was aware that there was some connection between this woman and me, a connection which had to do with her web site and mine. I was uncertain that I was pleased with this connection. I had visited her site and found its content questionable, imbued with superstitions.

However, now I was aware that Dee was in my house, and that she was downstairs, tending to the other cup of boiling water. I knew I should go down and not only check on the cup of water, but see what Dee looked like. I stood, walked down the dark stairwell, and opened the door to the bright kitchen. Standing right in front of me was Dee, holding the white cup in her hand. I was astounded at what I saw. Dressed in a snazzy red plaid dress, she was probably about 30 years old, with short blonde hair and an excellent figure. She was so attractive, I had to look at her two or three times to make sure I was seeing her right. She could have easily been a model. I had been expecting something completely different, a drab homely person with black hair. I blurted out to her that she was not at all what I had expected. She just looked straight back at me. I felt a strong affinity to her. This was strange, because she was obviously such a strong vibrant person, the kind of person I would have thought would have had no interest in me. Still amazed that she had turned out so differently from what I had expected, I said, "Gosh, you just never can tell, can you."

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