Dream of: 24 January 1999 "Faust"

My good Dallas friend Eloise LaGrone was talking with me on the phone. I was telling her about a man named "Faust" whom I had met. Although I didn't know Faust well, I had taken a liking to him and was telling Eloise that I planned to do some extensive traveling with Faust. I told Eloise that Faust had supplied me with his résumé, and as I continued talking, I pulled out the résumé and began looking at it. I was quickly surprised to see on the résumé approximately a 30-year period during which Faust hadn't worked. On his résumé, Faust had put down that he had being using heroin during that time.

Realizing I needed to study the résumé a bit more closely, I told Eloise I would talk with her later and we hung up. I now looked at the period of time after the 30 year heroin lapse, and saw that Faust explained that he had stopped using heroin and had begun a productive life. He had also supplied me with some small plastic chips which were somehow supposed to signify that he had gone for a certain amount of time without using heroin. As I held the chips in my hand, turning them over, I felt uncertain about whether this was the type of person with whom I wanted to travel, and I thought I needed more information.

I might be able to get more info from my roommate, a man living in this large old frame house with me. My roommate's bedroom was right next to the room where I was sitting, and since he wasn't home at the moment, I thought I might go into the room and look around. I stood, walked into the next room, and headed straight to a wooden dresser sitting against the wall.

Pulling open the top drawer, I was fascinated to see an assortment of small metal statuettes of Christian personages, neatly arranged lying down on the bottom of the drawer. The colorfully painted figures were each less than three centimeters tall and somewhat resembled typical figures from a Christmas manger scene.

Looking to the right, I saw yet another group of small figures lying on their backs. These figures were also less than three centimeters tall, and appeared to be made of a light blue ivory or soapstone. I immediately recognized that all these figures represented famous men from ancient Greek. I specifically identified one of the little statues as the Greek philosopher Socrates.

Both sets of figures – Christians and Greeks – were quite intriguing; I wondered why my roommate had them here. Since they really didn't help me in understanding Faust, I closed the drawer without disturbing anything.

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