Dream of: 17 January 1999 "The Heist"

Three other men and I were discussing how we were going to rob a bank. We had no clear plan. We only knew the money was kept in the basement. Somehow, we must reach the basement. As we pondered our possibilities, I recalled a scene (something like a movie), in which I had seen four men who had tried to rob a bank. These four men had gone into the basement of a house next door to the bank, and then dug a tunnel from the basement of the house to the basement of the bank.

However, the men had been unprepared when they finally broke through the wall of the bank and into the room where all the money was stored. The men didn't know what to do with so much money. Piles of paper money were stacked everywhere around the room. The men grabbed up and stuffed into sacks as much money as they could, but they simply couldn't pick up all the money.

While the men were in the bank, a police officer (who looked like a British bobby) came walking along in front of the bank. The policeman looked down a set of stairs which led from the sidewalk to the basement of the bank, and noticed a light on in the basement. Immediately the policeman suspected what was happening and began trying to apprehend the bank burglars. A flurry of action followed in which at least two of the burglars were caught by the policeman. I was unsure what happened to the other two burglars, but thought they might have escaped.

As I pondered this memory, I realized we must be extremely careful in our plan to rob the bank. I thought the idea of tunneling into the bank from a neighboring building was a good idea. However, I also thought we should dig a practice tunnel first, a tunnel between two other buildings where we would not be doing anything wrong. If we practiced first, we could determine exactly what was necessary to complete the tunnel to the bank. For example, we might need to have some metal sheets to put over our heads to keep the tunnel from collapsing.

I was also concerned about the lighting. Clearly, we would need light in the tunnel. However, we didn't want to make the same mistake as the burglars who I remembered, and have a light on in the basement of the bank. We might use a flashlight in the tunnel. But I was uncertain what we would do for light once we reached the bank.

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