Dream of: 16 January 1999 "Pulp Fiction"

Quentin Tarantino was sitting leaning back on a wooden chair, listening to me ask him questions. I wanted to find out more about the way he made films. I was a bit perplexed to find out Tarantino was black, because I had always thought he was white. I strongly related to him. I knew that he hadn't always been a director, that for a long time he had just worked in a video store. By using his talent, he had pushed forward into the film world. I fancied that I might also have such potential, and that even though I had never been involved in making movies, it was still not too late for me.  

Tarantino began a long rather bombastic speech about his movie-making technique. He was speaking so properly, as if he were giving a lecture to a college class, I couldn't take him seriously. I wasn't interested in hearing any pretentious ramblings. I wanted to get to the guts of the matter. In particular, I wanted him to talk to me about the movie Pulp Fiction and how he had constructed the movie. I spoke up and told him to dispense with the "hogwash," and to start talking to me about Pulp Fiction. He seemed pleased with what I had said.

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