Dream of: 11 January 1999 "Tuesday Weld"

I was studying in a library similar to that of Baylor Law School. A woman had been going from table to table, as a waitress in a restaurant, and when she had stopped by my table, I had ordered a piece of pie. However, after quite some time, my pie still hadn't been served, and I was growing impatient.

I was also becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the temperature in the room. Glancing at a table not far from me, I saw several oriental students (a couple of which were attractive females) and I made some motions to them, indicating how hot I was. The girls reciprocated my gestures, telling me they also were burning up.

I could hear the furnace running and running overhead, and I hoped someone would soon come and turn it off. I finally became so hot, I couldn't stand it any longer. I stood up, walked out of the library and headed for the front office.

The office also looked like the office of Baylor Law School. Several women who worked in the office were standing behind the counter, or sitting at their desks. I soon attracted the attention of one woman, who walked over to me.

I quickly explained to her the problem, how the furnace was continually running, and how hot the library had become. Even here in the office we could still hear the furnace running over our heads. She immediately told me that she understood the problem, and that unsuccessful efforts had been made to resolve it. However, she informed me the people in the office here had no direct control over the furnace. The person with whom I needed to talk was someone named "Tuesday Weld."

The woman handed me a phone book and told me I would need to look up Tuesday Weld's phone number and call. As I opened the book, I thought this whole procedure seemed rather strange. I was completely in the dark as to who Tuesday Weld might be. I wasn't even sure if the person was a man or woman. Or maybe it wasn't even a person, but the name of some kind of business. However, I seemed to recall having heard this name somewhere before. The name definitely sounded familiar to me.

As I leafed through the phone book, the woman had moved closer and closer to me until now her leg was rubbing against mine. She was finally so close, one of her legs was pressed between both my legs. She was wearing a knee-length skirt, below the hem of which I could see her shapely calves.

She was probably in her late 20s and had dark hair. She wasn't wearing a wedding ring. She was slim and definitely attractive. I saw definite possibilities.

However, simultaneously we both realized we were too close to each other here in the office, and she backed off. A little disoriented, I walked over to a table where a computer was sitting, and I took a seat. In almost no time I had a game on the screen which I began playing.

The game was rather complicated, but I had a good grasp of it. Various figures would appear on the top of the screen and begin slowly falling down the screen. With my right hand on the computer keyboard, I controlled a little square object on the screen which I could move around. As each of the figures would fall, I would place the little square object under the figure, and force the figure back up to the top of the screen.

I was quite handy at the game. Once, a figure which looked like a ghost began falling down from the top of the screen. It somewhat resembled the Pillsbury Dough Boy ghost as it had appeared in the movie Ghostbusters. This figure was particularly difficult to control and move back up to the top of the screen. Nevertheless, I succeeded.

Finally, I began to realize I needed to get back to my original mission – to have the heat turned down. I stood back up to go and talk to the pretty woman again. I wondered if she had seen me playing the game and noticed how good I was at it. I hoped so.

I walked back up to the counter, but the woman was no longer standing there. Instead, she was now sitting at a desk at the back of the room. As I walked toward her, I pulled off the pull-on hat I was wearing. I also noticed I was wearing a heavy sweater, and thought my clothing might be part of the reason I was so hot. Even without the heavy clothing, however, it was still much too hot in here.

When I walked up to the desk, I tried to be friendly with the woman, but her attitude was decidedly different this time, and she openly rebuffed me. I was unsure why she had undergone such a transformation, but I thought it might be because she was now working and she hadn't been working earlier. It looked as if the other women in the office had left to go to lunch, and since the pretty woman was in charge of running the office at the moment, she didn't have the time for any dalliance.

I turned and walked back toward the counter, thinking I would just have to start all over again trying to find Tuesday Weld's phone number. As I stepped up toward the counter, I could still see the screen of the computer. A figure which looked like the centipede from the old video game "Centipedes" was moving back and forth across the screen. I hoped the woman hadn't see this and think I was playing such a facile game. The game which I had been playing earlier had been much more complicated than this.

I still needed to contact Tuesday Weld, but I also began thinking I would later need to write down everything that had happened to me here. When I did so, I would need to have a title for what I wrote. As I scanned my mind for a title, it suddenly seemed clear to me I would call this episode "Tuesday Weld." I was still uncertain who Tuesday Weld was, but the name definitely seemed significant to me.

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