Dream of: 09 January 1999 "Money, Money, Money" 

I was standing beside the white frame house which I had recently bought in Mexico City, Mexico. The house (which had cost about $100,000) was located in a secluded part of the town, an area which seemed as safe and clean as an upscale American suburb. I was well satisfied with my purchase.

Next door to my house was a similar house which interested me. As I looked over my neighbor's house, I became so interested, I climbed up on a ladder and began looking around the eaves of the house. I could actually see inside the attic, which I noticed was poorly insulated. When I climbed back down, I mentioned to someone on the ground that the house needed to have some insulation blown into the attic. It even occurred to me that many of the houses in this neighborhood needed insulation, and the lack of insulation was the reason the houses were so cheap. I might even consider buying some more houses, fix them up and insulate them properly, and then sell them for a profit.

Interested in what the inside of my neighbor's house might look like, I walked inside to the kitchen, where I found a group of nine or ten people gathered in the large room. They were mostly a young group, in their 20s and 30s. Everyone seemed to be in a festive mood, partially because the owner of the house (an older woman) wasn't at home, and everyone had more liberty than usual.

I quickly surmised that the others were playing some kind of game with each other, and I wanted to join in. I was unclear about what the rules of the game were, but I thought the game had something to do with the way people were communicating with each other. When I noticed a couple of pom-poms lying on the floor, I thought I might be able to use them as part of the game. I picked up one of the pom-poms and shook it back and forth at a young woman sitting near me. She then also picked up a pom-pom and did the same thing to me. We even stood up together in the middle of the room and did a little routine. She was much better than I, and I basically just followed her steps.

But I felt a little silly, and quickly realized I wasn't capturing the heart of the game in which the others were engaged. As I sat back down in a chair, it quickly became obvious that the others were actually playing some kind of word game on a piece of paper. I also picked up a paper and began trying to understand the game.

Basically, I figured out that the game consisted of a grid on the paper, into which certain Spanish words were being written. Someone pointed out to me that the first group of words ran diagonally from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner. I was also shown that the top horizontal line contained a series of letters and that the words in the columns under those lines should end in the letter that was at the top of the column. For example, the first letter at the top left column was "l." I had figured out that the word immediately under that letter should be some form of the root word "libera…." I knew I could use either the Spanish word "liberar" which meant "to liberate" or the Spanish word "liberal" which meant "liberal." I concluded that the right word was "liberal," and I wrote the word in the space.

While I played the game, I kept looking at the sheets of other people, copying what they were writing. This wasn't considered cheating, because we all were playing the game together, trying to help each other. I was especially interested in what an intelligent-looking fellow sitting on my right was writing. He seemed to be doing a better job than anyone else.

It was clear to all of us that we wouldn't be able to stay much longer in the house. Just outside was a bus station. It was decided that we would all take a bus to downtown Mexico City, and I was sent out to buy the tickets.

When I walked out and stepped up to the counter, I was given a sheet of tickets which looked like blue postage stamps. I was surprised when I was told they only cost about 25 cents. But I remembered that things had always been cheaper in Mexico. When I had the tickets, I turned to go back to give them to the others.


I had just arrived in Portsmouth and was walking in downtown, at the corner of Gallia Street and Gay Street, right where my father had first had his real estate offices when I had been a boy. As I walked up to the large plate glass windows at the front of the office, I hesitated for a moment because two police officers were standing in front of the windows and looking in. But since I didn't think I needed to worry about the police, I also stepped up to the windows and looked in.

I was intrigued by what I saw. It looked as if the office was now used by a coin shop, and various coins were displayed in the window. The beautiful coins fascinated me and I focused on one coin with an Indian Head. At first I thought the coin was gold, but when I saw that the price was only about $70, I realized the coin was simply an Indian head penny. I still liked the looks of the coin, but I would prefer to have gold. I kept looking until I saw a brilliant gold coin, probably a three-dollar piece, which I would love to have. I would just like to carry the gold coin around with me. However, I figured it would probably cost $700-$800. I thought I could go in and buy it with a credit card. But I was unsure I wanted to pay that much for it.

As I continued looking around the interior of the shop at the displayed items, I was surprised to see a couple of old Oliver typewriters. They appeared to be in excellent working condition. I knew I also had a couple of these typewriters, but mine weren't working. I would certainly like to have a working model. I wondered how much the ones here cost.

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