Dream of: 08 January 1999 "Immigration Law"

I owned a small brick building (painted white outside) which appeared to have been a small store at one time. I was standing on the concrete floor inside the only room of the building, looking around at all the things I had stored here. Everything was neatly arranged on shelves, stacked by categories. Apparently I had a number of different groups of collectible items, such as one shelf of carefully maintained metal lunch boxes. I wasn't even sure what all was in the building, although I knew some things were rather valuable. However, I did know some things in the building had been neglected and needed tending to.

Although I wasn't very mechanically inclined, I decided to try to repair the things. I began by looking at an old lawnmower. First I took a cap off the top of the mower and poured a quart of oil into the lawnmower. Then I began trying to adjust a mechanism on the side which seemed to need a screw. I found a long screw lying on the floor and began twisting it into the hole. Although the screw fit, I quickly realized it wasn't the proper screw for the hole. The correct screw was lying on the floor in front of me. I backed the long screw out, then turned the right screw into the hole.

When I stood back up and looked down at my work, I noticed oil dripping out the side of the mower. Examining the leak more closely, I realized what a terrible mistake I had made – I had poured the quart of oil into the wrong place! It was hard to tell how much damage I had done. I might have to tear the whole machine apart to clean it out. That could prove to be a little difficult since I obviously had little idea of what I was doing.

Meanwhile, I realized five or six people had walked into the room from off the street. The building abutted the sidewalk, and since I was in a business district (although a run-down district), the people had obviously looked through the large windows on the front of the building and concluded it was some kind of store. They were browsing around as if they might want to buy something.

I walked over to the group (all of whom were black), and quickly informed them this wasn't a store and nothing here was for sale. They all seemed disappointed, and one walked over to the back door (which was open onto the alley), and asked me if I also owned the building on the other side of the alley. I also stepped up to the door, and pointed out that the opposite building was a factory and that I didn't own it. However, I mentioned I did own another piece of land farther down the alley. I immediately realized I shouldn't be telling these people, whom I didn't even know, what property I owned.

Since they seemed interested in finding a second-hand store, I told them if they would go back out front and to the store next door, they should be able to find such a store. As they all headed toward the front door to leave, I stepped out into the alley to take a look at the back of the store next door to see if I was correct, that it was a second-hand store. Indeed, I could see into the back room of the store, the floor of which was covered with teddy bears. It looked as if the store was something like a Goodwill, and as if people were inside sorting through all the items which they had been given. At the moment they appeared to have received a large supply of teddy bears. Since I had no interest in teddy bears, I turned back to my building and stepped back inside.

I was a bit perturbed to find one of the people, a disheveled black man, still in my building. As he began talking to me, I saw at least half his teeth were missing. However he was friendly enough, and I tolerated his presence. He said something about it being nobody's business what property I owned, indicating he understood why I had regretted mentioning to the others that I owned more property down the street.

Since he wasn't bothering me, I didn't run him off, but again began looking around the room, trying to decide what I should work on next. I knew I couldn't spend much time on this stuff. I had some other matters to which I needed to tend. I wanted to add a new hard drive to my computer and also increase the random access memory. I had never attempted either of these chores before, but I felt I now knew enough about computers that I should be able to do it.

I even had a computer hooked up here in the building. The computer was turned on and on the screen I noticed I had made a list of things which I needed to tend to. Prominently displayed were the words "Immigration Law." I knew that I had made a commitment to spend a certain amount of time each day dealing with immigration law, and that I shouldn't neglect this task. I needed to keep firm in my mind that I should carve out a portion of every day to work on immigration law.

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