Dream of: 07 January 1999 "Dr. Clinton And Mr. Hyde"

As I stood alone in front of the door to a restaurant, ready to go inside, I noticed something peculiar in front of me. About eye level, attached to the front of the building, was a wooden box, roughly the size of an ordinary home mailbox. The box, which had no cover on front, appeared to be full of 25-30 small black folders, about the size of CD holders, but made of cardboard. In front of the first folder stood a gold credit card, and other gold credit cards could be seen sticking out from between the other folders.

The tantalizing credit cards immediately captivated my imagination. Almost spontaneously, I deduced that all these credit cards were stolen and that they had been dropped off here for someone to pick up. If that were the case, I saw no reason why I shouldn't help myself to some of the cards. Although I was uncertain what I would to with them, I just liked the idea of having the cards.

I reached into the box, picked up the credit card in front, and discovered another white card right behind the gold card. I snatched up the white card, as well as the first little black folder, which I held in my hand and opened. However, before I could read anything in the folder, a young black-haired woman hurriedly scuttled up beside me and likewise reached into the box, extracting a credit card and folder.

Almost immediately, I realized my initial surmises had been incorrect. These credit cards weren't stolen at all. The cards and the little folders all belonged to individuals now sitting on a bus on the street behind me. The woman beside me was now retrieving the cards and folders, one set at a time, and carrying them back to the appropriate person on the bus. The woman didn't notice I had taken one of the cards and folders. Somehow I had already managed to crumple up the folder, and when she wasn't looking, I dropped it on the ground. However, I continued to hold onto the two plastic cards which I had. Appearing somewhat annoyed by my presence, after she had grabbed a card and folder, the woman hurried back to the bus.

I concluded that the people on the bus were on an extended trip, and that this was one of their stops. I had no idea why they had placed their credit cards in this little box, but I thought they must have some reason. My main question now was what I should do with the two cards which I was still holding. When I looked back over toward the bus again, I saw all 25-30 people had climbed off the bus and were now sitting along both sides of a long table.

They all appeared to be having a discussion, and I wondered if I might be able to join them. I even thought my possession of the cards would now give me some admittance to their group, although I was at the same time concerned that they would discover I didn't legitimately own the cards, and that complications would ensue.

Despite my misgivings, I walked over to the table and took a seat on one side of the table next to the end. I sat quietly and listened to the conversation taking place among the members of the group. I quickly figured out they were talking about President Bill Clinton and the upcoming trial in the Senate to try to remove Clinton from office. I also realized everyone was speaking Spanish, or at least trying to speak Spanish. The Spanish of some people was decidedly better than that of others. At first, I thought that everyone in the group was trying to learn Spanish and that speaking Spanish was part of the purpose of the group. However, some people spoke Spanish so perfectly, I concluded that not all the people were learning Spanish, but were already native Spanish speakers.

I was definitely surprised by the tenor of the discussion. It seemed that everyone was speaking against Clinton, and that the consensus seemed to be that Clinton should be removed from office. This anti-Clinton sentiment was disturbing to me. Although I wasn't a big Clinton fan, I did have strong feelings about the impeachment process and the way it had been conducted. I was particularly disturbed by my perception that the impeachment process had been politically motivated by the Republicans. I felt that the Republicans had been manifestly unfair in their pursuit of Clinton, and that the Republicans were even more at fault than President Clinton.

I wondered if I should speak up and say my piece. I understood everything being said, and I knew my Spanish was good enough for me to be able to speak here. I began trying to think of what I would say. I thought I would concentrate on Henry Hyde (a Congressman) whom I knew was leading the charge against Clinton. The one word which I wanted to use in referring to Hyde was "smug." Having watched Hyde and his fellow Republicans conduct the hearing in the House Judiciary Committee against Clinton, I had developed a strong distaste for both Hyde and the other Republicans on the Committee, and the word which seemed to best express my distaste was "smug."

However, I couldn't seem to think of the Spanish word for "smug." This wasn't a word which I often used, and I didn't recall any Spanish word which would correspond to it. But finally a word came to mind: "satisfechos." It seemed "satisfechos" would adequately convey the idea of "smug" in referring to both Hyde and the other Committee Republicans attacking Clinton. With this word in mind, I continued trying to formulate my argument as to why Henry Hyde was such a repugnant character and why Clinton shouldn't be removed from office.

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