Dream of: 31 December 1998 "Receiving A Clear Picture"

I had just bought a small run-down house in a depressed section of town, a town which somewhat reminded me of Portsmouth. The houses on this street, one of the streets closest to the river, had once been prosperous, but through the years had fallen into decay and ruin. The one-story house which I had bought was constructed of bricks which had been painted white. Unlike some of the other houses in the neighborhood, my house seemed sturdy and sufficient. I thought I had made a good buy.

I even thought I might like to buy more property in this area of town. Since many of the houses were so dilapidated, I figured I could buy them cheap. If I bought enough houses, I might be able to improve the whole neighborhood, and even make a profit.

Of course not all the houses could be improved. Directly behind my house stood a red-brick building which was nothing more than a shell. The building looked as if it might even be a place where drunks and winos slept at night. The building could be dangerous. In addition, I noticed several abandoned cars parked on the street. People were sitting in, and standing around, the cars. Apparently these people were homeless and congregated here for shelter. Even though it was early in the morning, these people already were drinking and carousing. Worried by the presence of the people, I figured I would have to get rid of them. I might start by notifying the police of the abandoned cars and having the cars hauled off. Of course I would need to be discrete so none of the homeless people would know I was the one who contacted the police.

Looking at my new house again, I saw it had a chimney which I hadn't noticed before. I walked into the house through the back door so I could take a look at the chimney inside. Once I was inside the back room, my attention was distracted by all the junk which was sitting around the room. In particular, I became interested in three or four old television sets sitting against one wall, stacked two high. The sets were all contained in dark brown cabinets and appeared to be very old. I had previously thought I would like to own some old television sets and thought this would be a good opportunity. Obviously these sets had been left behind by the previous owner, and I could now claim them.

I walked over to one set and turned it on. Surprisingly a picture came on. At first the picture was only on half the screen but gradually it became bigger until it filled almost the entire screen. At the very least the set would be good for parts. I might even be able to get it working well enough to receive a clear picture all the time.

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