Dream of: 29 December 1998 "Bar Exam"

I was sitting in a room which vaguely seemed like a classroom with several school chairs scattered around the room. Seated in front of me, with her back to me, was a black girl who would occasionally turn around and speak with me. She had a nice smile and friendly disposition, and I liked talking with her. During our conversation I mentioned that I was thinking about taking the Ohio bar exam so I could practice law in Ohio. She told me she had recently taken and passed a bar exam herself. Considering her age, I was quite surprised to hear this, and I asked her how old she was. When she told me that she was 19, I could hardly believe it. I tried to calculate how old she must have been when she had finished high school, but the computation was too much for me, and I simply concluded she had been very young when she had started law school and that she must be some kind of prodigy. I asked her a few questions, just to see how smart she was, and she answered all of the questions perfectly. She was certainly impressive.

She was also quite attractive. As we continued talking, I realized she was the wife of Kolanowski (a recent law school graduate working in the law office in Dallas where I had recently been working), and I also realized Leonard had entered the room and was standing near us. I knew Leonard had recently taken the bar exam in Texas and he had become licensed to practice law in Texas, and I thought I would like to talk to him about taking the exam. Before I could speak to him, however, he and his wife headed out of the room.

I followed. I knew a large swimming pool was in the next room and that they were going to swim there. I found the idea of swimming close to the black girl to be stimulating, but when I reached the pool and realized I was completely naked, I was a little embarrassed. The idea of jumping naked into the pool and rubbing up against the woman interested me, but I was unsure what Leonard might think. However, when I reached the edge of the pool, I saw Leonard floating naked on the water, and I concluded he wouldn't mind my also being naked. I got ready to jump into the inviting water.

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