Dream of: 17 December 1998 "Alice In Wonderland"

As I was driving through Rio Grande, Ohio (the college town located about 15 kilometers from the Gallia County Farm) I suddenly had the notion that I would like to stop my car, get out, and walk around the little town. I had been thinking that I might like to set up a law office in Rio Grande, and it seemed that it was time for me to investigate the place more closely. Even though Rio Grande was so small, I had never taken the time to walk its streets.

The main edifice in the town was a large dark red brick building which housed the college. I decided that this building would be my focal point and that I would start my walk by strolling around the building. As I began walking, I quite enjoyed the peaceful feeling of the place and felt at home here. I was beginning to see many possibilities.

Just behind the main college building stood another red brick building which I had never noticed before. This second building seemed to have been recently built, and indeed appeared as if it might still be under construction. As I pulled up at the front door of the building, I recalled that I had heard about this building before, that the building was going to be used as a theater for plays. I had even heard that a production of Alice in Wonderland was supposed to take place here, and I thought that the premiere production was supposed to take place this very night.

Wondering if I could buy a ticket to the play, I walked up to the front and peered in. It was easy to see inside because the entire front of the building consisted of large windows. The interior of the building seemed to consist of one room, no larger than a large living room. Black wooden chairs were placed all around the perimeter of the room, stationed to look out on the empty hard-wood floor of the room. The room looked new and clean, but much smaller than what I would have expected.

My attention was immediately drawn to three occupants of the room – three pretty college-aged girls with sleek blonde hair. I figured they must be involved with the production of the upcoming play. I thought perhaps I might be able to buy a ticket from one of the girls. I might even be able to strike up some kind of relationship with one of the girls. True, I was quite a bit older than they. But I still looked as if I were in my 20s, and I figured the girls might be interested in a more mature man. Meeting college girls like this would be another benefit of having an office in a college town like Rio Grande.

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