Dream of: 29 November 1998 "Going To Canada"

A party was taking place in the house. Although I didn't live there, some of my things were lying around the house, and I began straightening them up. In the process, I found a couple things which I had lost, one of which was a Mickey Mouse watch, which was inside a shoe.

The watch had a leather band on one side, but the band was missing on the other side. On the front crystal of the watch was some writing, which I finally realized was the name of an insurance company. Obviously the watch had been some kind of premium which had been given away by the insurance company. I thought the watch's being a premium made it especially valuable.

I tried to wind the watch, but the knob would only turn a little. When I put the watch to my ear, I could hear it ticking; but since I couldn't wind it, I thought I would have to have it repaired. I knew an old man was somewhere in the house, a man who had become my friend, and I thought he knew how to work on watches. Maybe he could help me fix this one. I also had several other old character watches which also needed repair.

I went looking for the man. I thought he was in a play room were some children were playing. When I walked into the play room, I first noticed a pool right in the middle of the room. Then, over to the side of the room, I noticed a small animal, about five centimeters long, which appeared to be injured. After a few moments, I realized the animal was a small duck. Since it was injured, I helped it over to the side, where some flowers were planted in dirt. The duck fell into a small hole, which I thought was a safe place for it. Either it would die or recuperate there.

Children were playing with toys all around the room. I was fascinated to see so many toys in the room. In particular, a set of toy logs caught my attention. The logs looked as if they had been cut out by hand. I wondered if hand-cut logs were more valuable than machine-cut logs. A piece of green plastic which could be used for a ceiling for a house built by the logs was also with the set.

Just as I found the old man, Brian  (about 30 years old) walked into the room. I was happy to see him, and I immediately remarked how much he, the old man and I had in common. Maybe the three of us would spend quite a bit of time together. In particular, I was aware that all three of us liked the same color, although I was unsure exactly what that color was. It seemed that I liked orange, but it seemed that Brian liked pink. I was unsure which color was the common one.

When my father also walked into the room, I remembered that he (my father) was going to drive me to the bus station so I could catch a bus. Since it was time to leave, my father and I quickly walked out of the house, boarded an old pickup truck which my father was driving, and headed to the bus station.

Several other people were also sitting in the truck with us. Someone mentioned that a small boy, about three years old, was supposed to be with us. I thought I had seen the boy get in the truck with us, but I didn't see him now. Finally I saw him in a corner of the seat. But I acted as if he were not in the truck, and I joked to the others that the boy might have fallen out. Everyone but the little boy knew I was joking, and I was only doing so for his benefit.

When we reached the bus station, I got out of the truck and walked inside. I was planning to take a bus from southern Ohio to a place about 150 kilometers inside Canada. I would have to change buses once on the way.

Once I was inside, I was handed a letter-sized plastic sheet on which to write my name. The sheet had lines on it, and I wrote my last name several times, each time with a different first name, before I realized I should have only written my name once.

My grandmother Mabel was standing at a counter. She looked as if she were about 60 years old. It took me a moment before I realized she was paying for my ticket. I walked up to the counter and told her I would pay for my own ticket. The man behind the counter handed me the money which my grandmother had given to him, $200, which I in turn handed back to my grandmother.

After I had returned the money to her, I realized that I had made a mistake, that I should have let her pay for the ticket. I only had $600, and the ticket cost $183, which was a big part of what I had. Now it was too late to let her pay, and I would have to pay for the ticket myself. She had already put the money back in her wallet, and I could see she wasn't going to take it back out. I certainly couldn't ask her to do so, but I said to her, "Of course the money's not going to do you much good anymore is it."

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