Dream of: 22 November 1998 "Quicksand"

My father and I had been driving around Portsmouth and visiting different people. Finally we had gotten out of the car and begun talking to a blonde woman (probably in her late 20s). During the conversation, the woman suddenly asked me what it was like to be a homosexual. When I realized she was talking to me, and that she thought I was a homosexual, I was at first flabbergasted. But suddenly it occurred to me that my father might have previously told her I was gay. I turned to her and asked her if my suspicion were true. She now realized she had made a blunder, and she looked away without answering. I confronted my father and asked him if he had said this about me. He likewise looked away and declined to answer. But his silence told me everything. Obviously he had told the woman I was gay.

Angry, I turned, walked over to the car and boarded. My pet Dalmatians Picasso and Chaucer were in the car and together we waited for my father to return and begin driving the car. Once he was inside, he tried to be friendly, as if nothing had happened; but I had decided I wasn't going to speak to him. When he tried to engage me in conversation, I simply sat silent and wouldn't respond.

Continuing to be as friendly as he could, he told me he was going to show me an area in town where he had raised a garden. When he reached the spot, he drove onto what looked like a dirt lot with people standing around at different places, apparently tending their gardens. I immediately perceived a danger. It was clear to me that there had recently been a heavy rain, and what looked like firm ground was actually mud which resembled quicksand.

My father, however, seemed not to realize the danger and proceeded right through the middle of the field. In a matter of seconds we passed onto a pool of muddy brown quicksand and began sinking. The car turned upright so the rear sank first into the brown slime. The windows were all rolled up and I could see the brown mud all around us. I tried to keep from panicking, but I was terribly frightened. I could just imagine drowning in the oozing muck.

 I was also concerned about my dogs, who were definitely becoming frightened and agitated. My plan was to wait until the car was completely submerged, then slowly open the windows. I thought if I let the mud seep in slowly, I would be able to grab my dogs and swim up to the surface. But I was afraid we would be so far down, we wouldn't be able to make it.

Amazingly, however, the car acted as if it were in water instead of in mud. Like a bobber, the car went completely under the mud, then bobbed back up clear out of the mud and landed on the bank. Almost miraculously we had been saved.

I hoped my father now realized how dangerous the area was, and I hoped he would be more careful. But I immediately saw that once again he was driving too close to a pit of quicksand. I broke my silence and shouted at him to be careful, but he didn't seem to understand, and he paid me no mind. Realizing the danger, with my dogs in tow, I jumped out of the car.

 My father also seemed to realize the danger and also stepped from the car. Almost immediately the car (which now looked like a boat) splashed into a pool of blue water and turned upside down. Two black oars which had been lying in the boat floated on the water. I thought the boat was going to sink, until a helpful man standing on the shore was somehow able to snag the boat and pull it up on the shore. The man also began trying to retrieve the black oars floating on the water.

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