Dream of: 19 November 1998 "Wrecked Car"

Another person was riding with me in a car which I was driving along a city street. Suddenly, up in front of us, I saw a pickup truck which was backing down the street, headed straight toward us. There was no time for me to move out of the way before the rear of the truck plowed into the front of my car, severely damaging the car. The truck pushed my car around sideways, and then to my astonishment, the truck started going forward and continued down the road without stopping.

Hardly able to collect my thoughts, I realized I needed to get the license number of the truck. At first I could clearly see the four letters on the yellow license tag. But my attention lapsed for a moment, and when I again looked at the license plate, I couldn't clearly see the numbers. I thought the first two letters were "E" and "S," and that the last letter was "Y," but I was unsure, and I couldn't make out the third letter at all.

The other person (who seemed somewhat like Carolina), and I got out of the car and looked it over. The whole front was caved in, with the hood crumpled and sticking up in the air. I quickly estimated the damage would amount to a couple thousand dollars. The car would probably not even be worth fixing since it wasn't worth much more than a couple thousand.

This whole incident was particularly vexing because just the day before, another car which I owned had been hit by someone. Now I had two wrecked cars, and neither of them could probably be fixed. I would probably have to buy a new car, something I didn't really want to do at the moment.

I doubted if the person who had just hit me could be caught and made to pay for the damage. But I thought I should at least notify the police and see if there was anything which could be done. There was at least some hope the culprit could be caught because he was obviously from out of state, something I could tell from the yellow license plate. Even if I couldn't remember the exact letters on the license plate, perhaps the police could just look for a damaged pickup with a yellow license plate and catch the man.

The other person and I quickly hurried to a nearby police station and walked in. I immediately walked up to a desk where a black woman was sitting and I began explaining to her what had happened. I told her about the wrecked condition of the truck, and how it had backed into me. I was somewhat concerned that the woman might think I had run into the back of the truck. After all, it was unusual for a vehicle to back at full speed into another vehicle. But the woman seemed to believe what I was telling her and she asked for more facts. I mentioned that the driver of the truck was black, and I told her about the yellow license tag. When she asked me if I could tell what state the license tag was from, I told her I couldn't. She then stood up and led me over to a wall covered with different colored license plates from all the states. I began looking over all the tags, trying to pick out the one which most looked like the tag on the truck.

As I studied the wall, a police officer walked up with another man. The man had been beaten and had a gash on the side of his face. Seeing the man made me think about how interesting police work must be. Every day the police were confronted with new and interesting situations.

Turning my attention back to the wall of plates, I was beginning to have doubts whether any of this was going to do any good. I saw one yellow plate from Georgia which I thought resembled the one on the truck. But I couldn't be sure. I just wished the police would go out and simply start looking for a truck with a yellow tag. But it didn't look as if that were going to happen. I would probably just have to suffer the loss.

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