Dream of: 18 November 1998 "Puddle Of Blood"

As I was walking my pet Dalmatian Chaucer and my pet Dalmatian Picasso through a pleasant green park, Chaucer suddenly bounded off and began running by himself through the park, about 20-30 meters from me. I hollered and hollered for him to return, but he just ignored me. I wasn't particularly concerned until I noticed four or five kangaroos also bouncing through the park. Chaucer also saw the kangaroos and immediately gave chase. With Chaucer in hot pursuit, the kangaroos raced across one of the inner roads of the park. A man and woman walking through the park stopped and watched the chase. I was terribly afraid that Chaucer would catch one of the kangaroos in front of the people. Then it happened: Chaucer grabbed one of the kangaroos by the throat and drug it to the ground. I was horrified. I ran as quickly as I could to the poor kangaroo, but I was too late. By the time I reached the fallen kangaroo, it was dead, with a pool of thick red blood next to its mangled neck. The man and woman obviously saw what had happened, but they had simply continued walking without stopping.

There was nothing I could do. I gazed a moment at the puddle of blood, then called my dogs to me and continued walking. I figured it would be best to for us to put as much distance as we could between the kangaroo and us. As we hurried on, quickly distancing ourselves from the dead animal, I was still having trouble controlling Chaucer. He insisted on running off on his own and refused to heed my commands. When another dog showed up, there was no stopping Chaucer from running to it.

The new dog was also a Dalmatian. But it was almost entirely white, with only a few black spots. I had never seen a Dalmatian with so few spots. Nevertheless, it was quite a pretty dog, and it also seemed friendly enough. The new dog was older than my dogs and it didn't seem in the mood for play. However, the dog accepted the playful antics of my dogs without bothering them.

When the owner of the dog walked up, I greeted her and complemented her on how pretty her dog was. She seemed pleased with what I had said. Once she had secured her dog, she continued on her way.

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