Dream of: 17 November 1998 "Treasures In The Attic"

My father and I were sitting with some people in front of a house where an estate sale was supposed to take place. Since we were close to the front door, as soon as the door was opened, we were the first ones in the house. I knew it was important to be among the first people who entered if we expected to be able to buy anything before all the worthwhile items were snatched up. As we stepped through the front door, my father told me I should head to the back room as quickly as possible because the best items would be kept back there.

I was especially interested in finding a videocassette recorder, and as soon as I stepped into the front room, I thought I saw one sitting on a table. Although I intended to follow my father's instructions and head to the back room, I stepped over to the table to look at the device. I was a bit disappointed to discover that it wasn't a VCR, but simply a black audiocassette recorder. Its being the small portable type, I picked it up and decided I would buy it anyway. I also snatched up a small calculator which was lying on the table.

With these objects in hand, I made my way to the back room, which I discovered to be full of interesting-looking objects. But my attention was most drawn to a small room on the side of the back room. Stepping into the little closet-sized room, I was immediately pleased to see a most fascinating piece of brown terra-cotta pottery. It looked like a flowerpot about a foot in diameter across the top. But the interesting part was a lid which had the shape of a face, a face which had the distinctive features of a Mayan Indian. I quickly snatched up the pottery, realizing I had made a great find. My only problem now was that I was having difficulty carrying everything. I wished I had a bag or a box with me, especially when I saw some more ceramic art pieces hanging on the wall. I grabbed a couple more objects from the wall, but now I was definitely having difficulty.

My predicament seemed even worse when I noticed in the little room a set of stairs leading up to the attic. I felt certain that many more treasures must be waiting for me up there. But I couldn't put down the objects I had and go upstairs, because surely someone else would take these items. It looked as if I would have to carry these items back up front and leave them before I could continue up the stairs. But of course that would mean that someone else would probably beat me up the stairs and take all the good stuff before I could get there. I saw no solution to the predicament.

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