Dream of: 16 November 1998 "Lark's Dog Bed"

Donna was visiting me at the Gallia County Farmhouse. Donna, planning to stay at the Farmhouse for several days and sleep in an upstairs bedroom, had brought her border collie, Lark, with her. Normally Lark stayed in the house with Donna. But since my father (living in the Farmhouse) was allergic to dogs, we had decided that Lark wouldn't be allowed to come into the downstairs of the House where my father stayed; Lark would only be allowed to come into the upstairs by the outside stairs.

When it was time to go to bed, Donna and I were standing in the bedroom where she would be sleeping, and she showed me a large green pillow on which Lark normally slept. When I saw the pillow, I hoped Donna wouldn't shake off any of Lark's black and white hairs in the House. At any rate, she definitely should not take the pillow downstairs and shake off any of the hairs down there where my father was.

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