Dream of: 12 November 1998 "God Or Death"

I had just walked into a bar to meet some friends who were sitting around a table. As I was taking my seat, a waitress asked me what I wanted to order. I told her I would like 25 bottles of beer. Of course I was just joking. But it made me stop and think. It occurred to me that 24 bottles of beer were in a case. For some reason I had picked a number just one above the number of beers in a case. I wondered why.

As soon as I had sat down, someone asked me what we should talk about. I immediately responded, "Money." I explained that "money" was the most important topic in the world. But then I said that instead of money, we could talk about "women," the other most important topic. As I spoke, I was looking at the person sitting straight across from me at the table. I couldn't see the person's face, because she (I knew it was a woman) was holding an open book up in front of her face. I was hoping she would turn out to be beautiful, especially since I was suggesting we talk about women. But when the woman lowered the book so I could view her face, I saw she was extremely homely.

I rather wished I could discuss something of substance with these people. I had only been joking when I had said that money and women were the most important topics in the world. But I felt that if I brought up more weighty subjects, no one would be interested. Nevertheless, I announced that we might discuss, "God or death." I thought I might also suggest that we talk about the "universe," and in my mind's eye began seeing stars in the black night. But I had little hope that anyone here would want to delve into these subjects.

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