Dream of: 11 November 1998 "Grocery Shopping"

My great-aunt Dorothy and I were in a grocery store just like the Tom Thumb store near the Summerdale Drive House. Dorothy was perhaps in her seventies, but still spry enough to walk around the store without any problem. She was buying groceries and wanted me to help her because I knew how to find the best prices. I was glad to help her out, and I even gave her a hug. I thought to myself how I liked looking for the best prices, and how I would always look for bargains no matter how much money I had.

We started out looking for Coke. When we found the Coke section, I pointed out that there was a big difference in the prices of the Coke, depending upon the number of cans or bottles bought. When we passed by the butter section, I noticed that soft butter was 50 % less than hard butter.

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