Dream of: 10 November 1998 "Snakes In A Hole"

I was trying to insert my penis into my mother's vagina. She was lying naked on her stomach on the floor; I was on top of her, pushing in my penis. I was inflamed, determined to continue with my endeavor. I seemed to recall we had had sex a few times in the past, but it seemed like a long time ago, and I had some doubts it had even ever happened before. Nevertheless I was sure I wanted to continue now. She was probably only about 40 years old and her body seemed to be in excellent shape. Finally my penis was in far enough so I had enough leverage to begin pushing harder. It wasn't easy going. Her vagina seemed to be particularly dry, and although she wasn't resisting, she wasn't helping me either.

Not far from us, lying on a bed was my sister. Partially covered by a blanket, my sister was also clearly completely naked. I would like to go over to her and also have sex with her, and I began fantasizing about doing so. She looked as if she were only 15-16 years old, and from what I could see of her body, she was in excellent shape. Her partially uncovered breasts looked large and firm. How would she react if I were to simply walk over to her bed and stand naked in front of her?

My thoughts soon took over and I found myself walking in the direction of my sister's bed. I felt terribly unsure about approaching her, as if I should proceed slowly. I decided it would be best if I lay down for a while to bide my time. I was still unsure how my sister would react – it might be best to simply lie down first as she was doing.

Instead of being inside a building, I seemed to be outside. In the process of walking toward my sister, I had stepped onto a bridge with a creek flowing about seven meters below. Just on the other side of the railing of the bridge was hanging a thick chain running parallel to the bridge. It occurred to me that if I positioned myself just right, I could use the chain as a sort of hammock. I climbed over the side of the bridge, stretched my body out on the chain so one leg was still hanging on the side of the railing, and made myself comfortable. Lying on the chain, high above the creek, I felt completely at ease, and I was sure I could easily go to sleep. I was only concerned that while I was sleeping I might slip and fall into the creek below. If I fell under the water while I was asleep, I was unsure I would be able to tell which direction was the surface, and I might drown. Therefore, I hesitated to go to sleep.

Instead, I began singing the song "Singing in the Rain" – "I'm singing in the rain, I'm singing in the rain…" Suddenly I noticed my father walking across the bridge. He stopped just for a moment, long enough to make a questioning comment about my singing this song. Without saying more, he continued across the bridge.

Suddenly I remembered I still had something to do. I quickly climbed back onto the bridge and headed to the other side. When I stepped off the bridge, I saw that I was in the middle of a brown desert-like area with a few plants here and there. I quickly found what I was looking for – a small tree about a 30 centimeters tall which was loose and needed to be planted. I picked the tree – roots and all – up in my hands, and began looking around the area for someplace to plant the tree.

The area appeared to be part of a park because a few picnic tables were scattered here and there. Also I noticed several water spigots arising from the brown earth. I knew I would need to plant the tree close to one of these so I would have water for it. I spotted a spigot with a hose on it and I headed toward it. I found a spot which seemed to be already prepared for the planting of a tree. The spot was a small circle about a meter in diameter dug out in the ground. I quickly scooped out enough dirt to make a hole for the tree and stuck the roots down in the hole.

I picked up a hose and began spraying the water all over the circular area. At the same time, a young girl (8-9 years old) walked up and watched what I was doing. As I sprayed the water, I noticed some small beige garter snakes appearing in the circular area. I was unsure whether they were coming from the dirt around the roots of the tree which I had planted, or whether they were coming straight out of the earth. Soon probably 100 of the snakes were wriggling all over the hole. There were so many snakes, I didn't even see my tree anymore. All I saw were snakes squirming around on the brown rocks in the circular area. As I continued spraying water into the area, I pointed the snakes out to the girl, who screamed and ran away. I simply kept looking at the snakes, unafraid of them, but curious about where they had come from.

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