Dream of: 09 November 1998 "God, Is This What You Want?"

I wanted to start taking classes to study a novel I had been reading. I was already standing in a line of young students (all around 13-14 years old) entering the imposing schoolhouse where the classes would be given. Standing in the doorway was a woman, the teacher (probably in her early 50s), speaking to each student as he or she entered. I began to worry that the teacher might not let me in because I was so much older than the other students, and I thought about what I would say when I reached her.

When I finally stepped up to her, I quickly gave her my full name, and began explaining that I had already graduated from college, but that nevertheless I wanted to return to school to study this particular novel which I had been reading. She immediately began probing me with questions and finally announced that I could attend classes, but that I would be studying a book which she had written instead of the one which I had been reading. This wasn't exactly what I had wanted, but reading her book seemed acceptable. I stepped through the school house door, thinking about what I would be studying.

The thought even occurred to me that I might change my direction in my work. Just as I would now be reading the book the teacher had written, I thought I might like to read what many other people had written. In fact, I thought I might like to start "proof-reading" in order to make corrections in other people's writing. I could even do this kind of work for a living, instead of practicing law. It even somewhat seemed that God was leading me in this direction, and I said to myself, "Oh, God, is this what you want?"

I rather liked the idea of proofreading for a living, because it would help me to become a better writer. I would have to give this some serious thought.

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