Dream of: 02 November 1998 "Pull! Pull! Pull!"

My mother was driving a car in which I was riding in the front passenger seat. We were on the Gallia County Farm, headed up the little dirt road which goes to my Cabin. Near the top of the hill, where the road forks – the left fork on up the hill to my Cabin, the right fork back over the other side of the hill – we discovered a couple people on bicycles.

Concerned that someone would be up there, I stepped out of the car and walked up to one fellow. I was friendly to him, but prepared to force him to leave our property if I thought it was necessary. He told me that he often rode his bicycle up there, and that he lived at the bottom of the hill on the back side. I didn't know anyone who lived around there, and I thought this might be a good opportunity to make a new friend. When he invited me to his house, I accepted. It turned out that the house was just on the other side of the road. So I left my mother in the car and walked over to the house with the fellow. When we entered, I saw the house was small, but comfortable.


The fellow and I were lying together in bed. Other people were in the room, and I thought they must wonder why the fellow and I were in bed together, wearing only our undershorts. I was unconcerned. We weren't doing anything sexual, and we were covered up. It seemed perfectly natural for him and me to be together in the bed.

He finally stood up out of the bed, but I remained where I was. I wondered what he did for a living. I had the feeling he might deal drugs.

His wife was also in the room and she finally walked over to the bed. She was about 20 years old and had coal black hair. I had noticed her before, but I hadn't realized how beautiful she was. She leaned toward me and she began explaining what she and her husband did for a living. She talked in the form of a riddle, which I had to solve. From what she said, it was clear they grew some kind of crop. I asked her if the crop was "green," and she replied it was. After she gave me more clues, I concluded the crop was marijuana. I asked if she had any marijuana right now, and I was told they had a small amount. I thought I might buy some.

I decided I should tell my mother that she should go ahead to the Cabin without me, that I would meet her later. I walked outside and signaled her to go on. When she started to pull away, she ran off the road and headed straight toward the house. Like a bulldozer, she plowed into the dirt in front of the house, made a big hole in the ground, and crashed through the basement wall of the house into the basement. She tried to back out, but she couldn't seem to regain control of the car. Finally, however, she managed to back out.

The fellow and his wife were obviously upset because their house had been damaged. Trying to appease them, I told them my mother had insurance. I walked over to the hole, stepped into it, and looked into the basement. Suddenly, the earth on both sides of the hole began moving and pushing in on me. In a flash I was trapped, and I began to fear that I could be crushed and that I might lose my legs. I reached out my hands and hollered to the man and woman to pull me. They both grabbed my arms and began pulling. I wasn't moving, and the earth was pressing me more and more. I was almost ready to panic. It looked as if I might be killed, and as if I would at least lose my legs. I hollered over and over, "Pull! Pull! Pull!"

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