Dream of: 11 October 1998 "The Temple"

I was watching a film in which John Travolta was sitting naked in a car. The shot from the camera was from over top of the car, looking straight down. The car must have been a convertible because Travolta and the entire inside of the car were completely visible. Particularly surprising to me was the fact that Travolta's penis was visible. I was also intrigued because his penis seemed to look just like mine.

As I continued to watch, the scene seemed to change, so instead of in a car, Travolta appeared to be stretched out on his back on a bed, still completely naked. He was obviously concentrating deeply in something. Although his right hand was barely touching the tip of his penis, he was obviously not thinking of anything sexual. However I began to notice something very strange — his penis and testes had separated from his body and were gradually moving up over his stomach and chest. I could hardly believe my eyes. How was this possible? When the penis and testes were almost up to Travolta's chin, they suddenly moved back down and snapped back into their proper place.

I was amazed. Was this actually possible? I wondered what my wife Carolina would think if she could see this film. I stood up, thinking I would find Carolina so she could see it. As I walked from the room, still thinking about the film, I wondered what it would be like if John Travolta were to be in a movie with Al Pacino. Both of them were of Italian descent; the movie could have something to do with Italians living in America. Frank Sinatra might also be in the movie; then I remembered that Sinatra had died.

When I walked into the next room, several people were sitting around a long conference table stacked up with papers and books. After I had sat down at the table with the others, I realized they were discussing a certain compact disc which had been made by a rock group. The fellow next to me held in his hands the list of songs on the disc. I particularly noticed one song entitled "The Temple" and another one titled "O."

I immediately became interested when I realized everyone at the table was talking about a writing project concerning the songs on the disc. It appeared that the idea was to write either a play or a book which would incorporate all the songs into the story. I was fascinated. I had never written anything exactly like this before, but I felt I could do it if I wanted to. I definitely wanted to find out about the project, and see if I might become involved in it.

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