Dream of: 10 October 1998 "Touched By An Angel"

I had been living in an elaborate multi-storied house with an assortment of unusual people. We had all become aware of strange and inexplicable occurrences at the house and we were trying to understand the source of these strange events. Trying to figure out what was going on, I walked out into the back yard, lay down on my back, and looked up at the sky. Seeing how dark the sky was in the middle of the day, I slowly became aware an eclipse of the sun was taking place. The sight was quite beautiful. The huge globe of the sun was completely covered by the dark orb of the moon. Around the edges could be seen the faint orange glow of the sun, barely lighting up the sky. What amazed me more — I could see two identical suns in the sky, each covered by a moon. How was this happening? Was I just imagining it, or was this another example of the strange occurrences which had been happening? I glanced to another part of the sky, thinking maybe the image of the sun was simply burned on my eye and remained there when I looked somewhere else. Indeed, I did see a faint image of the sun in the other area, but not enough to account for the double suns I had seen before. I was convinced two suns were in the sky.

I jumped up, intending to rush back into the house and tell someone what I had seen. Before I entered the house, I saw someone whom I recognized standing in the back yard: a 15 year-old girl who lived in the house. I had known of her before, but I had never paid a great amount of attention to her. Now however, I stopped in my tracks and starred at her. An amazing revelation suddenly occurred to me and I blurted out, "You're the one!"

I had suddenly realized this girl was the cause of all the strange occurrences. I didn't understand how; I only knew she had some incredible powers which allowed her to do these things. I also realized something else: I was powerfully attracted to this girl. She was incredibly beautiful. She had light brown hair and a mature figure, especially her prominent firm breasts. Dressed all in white, she was overwhelmingly irresistible. I steeped closer to her, put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. The sensation of feeling her body pressed against mine was ecstasy.

After a few moments I backed away from the girl and starred at her. Although I was so attracted to the girl, I immediately knew I couldn't cross certain boundaries with her: she was far too young for me, and I would never be able to have a sexual relationship with her. I was able to easily accept this fact. I was positive – even as attracted as I was to the girl – that I would never do anything inappropriate with her.

As if to echo my thoughts, a woman living in the house leaned out a window next to me and looked at me. She looked just like the actress Della Reese (in her role as the angel, Tess, in the television series "Touched by an Angel"). She looked straight at me, as if she were questioning my motives in being so close to the girl. I defended myself, saying that I had once before gone through a relationship with a fifteen-year old, and that there was no danger of such a thing happening again. However attracted I might be to this girl, I would never be inappropriately involved with her.

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