Dream of: 04 October 1998 "Open Back Yards"

I had moved back into the Logan Street House. It was early morning and I had just awakened, lying on the bed in the back bedroom, the same room which used to be mine. I was concerned because I realized my sister (only about 17 years old) hadn't come home last night. This wasn't the first time my sister had stayed out all night, and I worried she was associating with the wrong people. Something needed to be done. The last time she had stayed out all night, she had even written a letter to my mother, saying she wouldn't do it again. But here it was, early morning, and my sister was still not home.

I stood and walked through the living room into the small side bedroom where my mother lay sleeping. Covered, she seemed old and weak. I vaguely recalled she and I used to have sex together; but obviously she was far past the age when sex with her could even be considered. I wasn't even sure she could get out of bed; perhaps she was invalid. Nevertheless I began talking to her about my sister, asking her what she wanted to do. She groaned something unintelligible. She seemed concerned, but far past the point where she could do anything. It would be up to me.

I walked back out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, which was completely empty — nothing but bare walls. Just as I noticed my pants were unbuttoned, I saw a line of young men had walked into the house through the back door and were standing in front of me. As I quickly buttoned my pants, I thought to myself I was glad I hadn't been doing something like masturbating. I was a bit upset the fellows had walked into the house without knocking, but I was more intrigued by their appearance. They were all dressed in identical black and white suits, almost like tuxedos. They were all standing in exactly the same postures, in a line, one beside the other. All were smiling and looking right at me. I couldn't figure out who they were or why they were there. Finally they simply went back outside into the back yard, and I followed.

By the time I reached the back yard, they were already in the alley and seemed to be leaving. A black-haired woman, about 30 years old, standing in the back yard, immediately addressed me and asked me if I had seen a couple young people and she gave me the names. From the names, I couldn't tell if the two people were male or female. When I asked the woman whether the two were male or female, she looked at me disdainfully, as if I should have been able to tell from the names. I told her the names were ones which could belong to either a male or a female. Finally the woman said that one person's name was "Sammy," and that she was a female. I then told her I hadn't seen any females, but that several fellows were in the alley. She seemed irritated with me and turned to leave.

I noticed my pet Dalmatian Picasso and my pet Dalmatian Chaucer running around in the back yard, but they were sleek gray Weimaraners instead of Dalmatians. A third Weimaraner was running with them. I also noticed a small collie from the house next door was outside. I knew my dogs would be wanting to play with the collie.

Meanwhile, another woman was walking through the back yard. She was talking with someone and mentioned that she had moved across the street into a house where an Hispanic family used to live. The woman seemed concerned about whether it was allowed to walk through people's yards around there. I thought to myself I certainly had no problem. I thought all back yards should be open for people to walk through.

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