Dream of: 02 October 1998 "E.T"

I was sitting at the rear of a large stadium, listening to a band performing on the stage, a band which I identified as "Lynrd Skynrd." Thoroughly enjoying myself, not until the band took a break did I realize I was actually in a small room above the stage, looking down on the stage below. Slowly I also began to realize that members of the band had entered my room and they seemed to be preparing to play some music right here in the room. Finally the lead singer walked in – a tall fellow with long black hair. I was still sitting when he stepped up in front of me, and towering over me, introduced himself. I stood up to shake his hand, flattered that he was even speaking to me, and I told him my name. Of course I thought to myself that my name surely was unimportant to him and I wondered why I had even mentioned it.

Nevertheless, he seemed amenable to talking with me, and I asked him if he could tell me where the band had come up with the name "Lynrd Skynrd," which had always seemed like an unusual name to me. He gave a short laugh and turned away. I realized immediately that there was no chance of his answering this question, that he had probably been asked many times, and that the answer was a well-guarded secret.

The band members, who had taken place all around the room, suddenly began playing. I happily sat back and listened, and when someone asked me to describe the music, I said they sounded like "some country boys from Louisiana." I didn't really know whether they were from Louisiana, and thought they probably weren't. But then I heard someone say that I was correct, that the band was from Louisiana.

As the band continued playing, I stood and walked over to the side and continued to listen. However my attention began to flag, and finally one of the band members spoke to me and told me I should stop tapping my toe. I suddenly realized I had been absent-mindedly tapping my toe, and that such toe-tapping was inappropriate for the music which was being played.

The lead singer was no longer in the room, and I began to wonder if the fellows who were still playing were actually members of the group, Perhaps they were just back-up musicians. But my attention was soon drawn to something else – a little toy which was moving around on the floor. It was only about five centimeters long and less than three centimeters tall. It had wheels and looked like a little car. But on top was a transparent plastic bubble and inside could be seen the driver of the car – a little replica of the character E.T. from the movie E.T. I had the feeling the little toy was an integral part of the music which was being played, and was somehow connected to the musicians.

But even though I thought the toy was part of the act, I had an urge to do something to the little toy. I pointed my finger at the toy, and as if my finger were a gun, I acted as if I were shooting a gun at the little car. Little bullets like BB's shot out toward the little car and immediately pierced the toy, causing it to deflate as if it had been filled with air.

The music immediately stopped and I worried that I had done something awful. But one of the band members simply walked over to some cabinets, opened them, and pulled out an exact duplicate of the little toy. As he prepared to start up the toy and set it in motion on the floor, I realized the band always kept spares of the little toy. The toy seemed to be a critical part of the band, and the music couldn't go on without it.

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