Dream of: 30 September 1998 (2) "Creek Full Of Garbage"

I had come to a heavy metal door through which I needed to pass to get to work. This door was normally open, but today several people were standing in front of the door and waiting for it to be opened. Also right in front of the door was a small wooden bridge under which ran a shallow creek. As I waited, I sat down on the edge of the bridge and looked down into the creek. The water and banks were covered with old cans, jars and other trash. The sight didn't bother me; but a woman stepped up next to me and began talking about how nice it would be if some people would get together and clean out the creek. I somewhat agreed with her; it wouldn't take long for several people working together to clean up the mess. Of course it might be hard to see the junk in the creek once the waters were stirred up and muddy. But it could be done.

However, at the same time, I didn't see the point in cleaning up the creek. Over time, I had come to accept this kind of trash as natural. There was even a certain beauty in the old cans and jars. So even though I knew the woman was hinting that she would like me to volunteer, I didn't.

Finally, tired of waiting, I stood back up and walked to the big metal door. I asked the woman standing in front of the door if she had tried it. She said she hadn't. Thinking to myself that the woman probably didn't have enough sense to open the door, I grabbed the handle and pushed it open. As I stepped through I heard the woman make some ugly comment to me. I didn't know why she would be upset with me, except that I had shown what an idiot she was.

Once I had passed through the door, I wanted to head on to work as quickly as possible. But I was still thinking about the woman who wanted to clean out the creek. Should I have offered to help? It seemed as if I had been thinking lately of getting involved in doing something civic like that. Had I missed my opportunity?

My attention was suddenly diverted by a large mirror right in front of me. I was surprised to see that I was wearing a heavy gaudy red coat, red pants and a tee shirt. The attire was truly bizarre – I could hardly believe the way I was dressed. Maybe the woman at the door had been rudely commenting on this strange outfit.

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