Dream of: 27 September 1998 "The Treasure"

Clues to where a treasure was hidden were being broadcast over the radio. Several times a day different clues were announced, clues which could lead to the treasure. Although I had only heard a few of the clues, I was already convinced I knew where the treasure was located: in a sorority house of the college campus which I was visiting. Convinced I could find the treasure, I quickly entered the house and climbed to the second story, into a room where several college-aged girls were gathered. The girls understood why I had come and they seemed glad to see me. However they were dubious I would find the treasure. No one seemed to believe the treasure was in the house, and someone even pulled out a map of the city, explaining the clues indicated the treasure was located in another section of town.

As I looked at the map, I realized the girls were correct. I had jumped into the search without analyzing the clues and without even having most of the clues. I began to lose heart, thinking there was little chance I could find the treasure. Nevertheless I determined to continue the search, and with one of the girls (a black girl), I set out to the part of town where I now believed the treasure was located.

The young black girl and I soon reached an area which looked somewhat like a flower garden. We focused on one section which was enclosed with bricks about waist high. I thought the clues indicated the treasure might be buried somewhere in this section. But where? I dipped my hands down into the black dirt and began digging. The dirt felt good to my touch as I scooped up handful after handful and let it sift through my fingers. The black girl however seemed to think I was digging in the wrong spot, and she pointed to another section, closed in by a brick wall, where other people were beginning to gather. Realizing she was probably right, I followed her to the other section and looked over the brick wall. I was surprised to see no dirt was in this section. It looked as if all the dirt had been cleared out of an area about six feet deep; something like a swimming pool. On the bottom were green and white tiles, each about a foot square, laid in checkerboard fashion, with the colors alternating.

Somebody suddenly called out, in rhyming words, that the treasure was buried somewhere under the tiles. People jumped down onto the tiles and began pulling them up. The girl and I also jumped down, and I pulled up one of the tiles. The dirt under the tiles wasn't black and clean like the other dirt, but seemed mushy and a bit unpleasant. Nevertheless I sank my hands into the mush and began digging.

Someone said it had now been determined exactly what the treasure was – an 1803 silver dollar. I recalled an 1803 silver dollar was extremely rare and quite valuable. At least now I knew for what I was searching, although that knowledge didn't help me much. Suddenly I found a piece of plastic which looked like a coin holder. For a moment I thought I had found the treasure. But then I heard someone call out that another person had found the silver dollar and I saw my piece of plastic was empty. Dejected, I turned to leave, thinking I hadn't had much chance to begin with.

But the black girl, who had also been digging, showed me what she had found. I was surprised to see she had found three beautiful golden earrings in the dirt. Two of them had small golden chains hanging from them. They were quite dazzling. I was happy for her.

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