Dream of: 23 September 1998 "Waiting For The Plane"

A nuclear war was about to break out under which an estimated third of the population of the United States would be wiped out. The city where I was living was due to be hit by a bomb in a couple hours. However, I hoped I would be able to escape. About ten other people and I had gathered together in a house and were waiting for a large jet plane which would carry us to safety. We planned to board the jet and stay in flight when the bombs hit. Hundreds of other jets would be doing the same, staying in the air, the way I had always heard Air Force One and the president would do if nuclear war ever broke out.

The problem with the plan was that the plane was already late, and I was beginning to wonder if the plane was even going to return. The plane had been here earlier, but the pilot had flown the plane away so he could pick up two light bulbs at another location. The idea that the pilot had flown a plane somewhere just to pick up a couple light bulbs seemed a little ridiculous to me, but I could do nothing about it now. I would just have to wait and hope that the plane returned, because if my plane didn't return, I was doomed.

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