Dream of: 21 September 1998 "Go! Go! Go!"

As I was riding along in the front seat of a car which Hurley (a junior high chum whom I knew for a short while in the ninth grade) was driving, Hurley handed me a small brown wooden box which contained a baggie of marijuana and numerous half-smoked roaches. I was tempted by the marijuana, thinking I might want to smoke some. However, my thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a police car right behind us. Hurley quickly sped up, and since we were out in the country, he managed to lose the cop on the winding country roads. At times I could still see the cop car, which looked as if it might be a few kilometers behind us, and I thought we were going to escape. I thought at the very least we should be able to dump the pot before the cop could catch us.

At the first opportunity, when we were completely out of sight of the police, Hurley pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. I snatched the baggie out of the box and opened my door, planning to throw out the baggie. Before I could pitch the baggie, however, two other cars pulled up on the driver's side, right next to Hurley's door. Each car only contained the driver, and each driver was a longhaired fellow. At first I thought they had pulled up on the road beside us for no reason. Then I noticed one fellow talking on a mobile phone, and I concluded they were both undercover police officers. I slung the baggie under the car, but I held the box (which still contained the roaches) in my lap. I just hoped no one had seen me throw out the baggie as I tried to decide what to do with the roaches. I just knew we needed to get out of there as quickly as possible and I hollered to Hurley, "Go! Go! Go!"

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