Dream of: 20 September 1998 "Southwestern High School"

I had recently moved into the Gallia County Farmhouse, where I was living in with another family. Today was going to be the first day of school, and I was getting ready to go to classes at Southwestern High School (a school near the Farm). Two or three other children in the House were also preparing to go to school; but they had always attended school here, and they knew what to expect. I, on the other hand, had never gone to the high school in Gallia County, and I was uncertain what it would be like.

I was a bit concerned that I was overdressed. I was wearing blue jeans, but I had on a white dress shirt and a pair of black dress shoes. I decided I should at least change the shoes and thought I would put on a pair of brown shoes. But instead, I slipped on a pair of white tennis shoes. When I saw that the other children were all wearing tennis shoes, I was glad I had changed – the black shoes definitely would have been too much.

We all sat down at the kitchen table for a bite of breakfast before we left. It was already after 8 o'clock and I thought the classes began at nine. But I wondered if I could be wrong. Perhaps the classes began at eight. When the others assured me that the classes didn't start until nine, I relaxed.

I wondered what the school would be like. It had been so many years ago since I had been in Centerville Elementary School, when I had I lived on the Farm as a boy. Would any of my old classmates remember me? Would I recognize anyone? Would I fit in? Somehow, I thought it would all work out.

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