Dream of: 17 September 1998 "Carwash"

I was sitting in my car in front of the entrance to an automatic car wash, waiting for another car to be washed so I could pull in. As I waited, Carolina pulled up in front of me on a little yellow bulldozer. The dozer was only about two meters long and had a metal roll bar across the top such as is commonly seen on jeeps. Carolina didn't aim the dozer so it was headed into the car wash, but instead parked it perpendicular to my car right in front of me.

Suddenly I saw a problem. As the car wash was operating, a large metal beam lowered from the roof of the wash. The beam extended out to where Carolina was parked and I could see the beam was going to crush Carolina's dozer — with Carolina inside. The beam was already almost on top of the dozer and there was nothing I could do. I was completely struck with horror. As the metal beam came down on the dozer and began pushing down on the roll bar, I saw Carolina's body begin to bend inside the dozer. Unable to bear the sight, I closed my eyes.

When I finally looked up again, I expected to see blood and gore oozing out of the smashed bulldozer. Indeed, the metal beam was rising back up and Carolina's body appeared to be smashed inside the dozer. I was sure she was dead. But to my surprise I saw her move. She raised herself up and stepped out of the dozer. She seemed unharmed except for her top two teeth, which were slightly pushed in. As she stood in front of me with a wide smile on her face, and I looked at her teeth, I could hardly believe she had survived. I was extremely relieved.

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