Dream of: 16 September 1998 "Bomber"

I was in Iran, in a building which seemed somewhat like a house, somewhat like a small warehouse, with concrete floor and brick walls painted blue. No furniture could be seen in the large room where I was standing, only stacks of stuffed brown-paper sacks, each sack about the size of a 50-pound bag of dry cement. At least a hundred of the sacks must have been stacked up along one wall.

Seven or eight healthy black-haired Iranian men were also in the room. They, along with me, had formed a group of subversives who planned to place some bombs in Iran. We had also considered bombing sites in Syria and Afghanistan, and at one point I even studied a map of Syria, trying to determine if we wanted to go there. But our main objective was Iran, and our present activities were geared toward our planned bombings in Iran.

As of yet we had gone undetected by the authorities, although I was concerned we might be uncovered. I pointed out to the others that all the blinds on the windows of the room were open and that people walking along the busy sidewalk right outside could look in and see us. Realizing our exposure, we pulled down the flimsy paper blinds, some of which were torn and didn't completely cover the windows. However, at least with the blinds down we felt somewhat more secure.

It was time to begin making our final preparations. Some of the men began picking up some of the heavy paper sacks and moving them. Our bombs were buried under the sacks, and now it was time to haul out the bombs and get ready to plant them.

Some inexorable force seemed to be guiding me in this endeavor. Whatever reservations I might have had about my present role, I couldn't change my direction, and I had no intention of even trying to do so. Despite feeling somewhat uneasy, I would see this endeavor through to the end.

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