Dream of: 14 September 1998 "Disappearance"

I had arrived at work at Wheat's law office in downtown Dallas, the office where I had been working for the last couple months. As I walked toward my office, I glanced inside Wheat's personal office, and was startled by what I saw: almost everything had been cleared out of his office. His desk and a chair or two were still there, but all his personal belongings, all his books and files, were gone. The office looked bare and Wheat was nowhere in sight.

As I confusedly headed on to my office, I encountered Wheat's wife, Melanie, in the hall. I spoke with her, trying to discover what had happened to Wheat and all his things. But Melanie wasn't forthcoming; she seemed willing to tell me, but she didn't seem to think this was the proper time. It almost seemed as if she were afraid that someone in the office might overhear us. I wondered if it were possible that Wheat had been sued by someone, and his possessions had subsequently been confiscated. Perhaps people were still in the office moving things out. Or, I thought, it might be possible that Wheat himself had simply moved out his things. I simply couldn't figure it out and I didn't know whether I would continue to work here.

I still hoped Melanie might clear up the matter, and I suggested to her that we might meet later and she could explain what had happened. Besides, I had always enjoyed Melanie's company. Maybe it was possible that she and I might even develop some sort of relationship, especially if Wheat were no longer around.

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