Dream of: 13 September 1998 "Sky-Blue Bicycle"

I was a bit surprised that I had recently taken a position working in the bureaucracy of a public school, especially since I had always held myself above such occupations. But now that I had the job, I didn't mind. I would never become rich with this kind of work, but the pay was more than adequate and the job was secure. All in all, I was satisfied with the position.

Several layers of superiors were above me in the bureaucracy. Kennon (a Fort Worth attorney) – above me in the hierarchy - was the boss of my immediate boss. But Kennon wasn't the head boss – he had another superior above him, and above that superior was the head boss. I hadn't yet met the head boss, but I had seen him in the halls, and I intended to talk with his as soon as possible.

At the moment, I was sitting at a table, talking with a man who also worked in the school. In the middle of a question which I was asking him, he suddenly stopped me and told me that someone had complained that I tended to spend too much time asking questions instead of working. Taken aback, I immediately stopped talking and set to work. I wondered if my job might be in jeopardy because I asked so many questions. I still felt my job was secure, but I decided I probably needed to concentrate more on my work and less on asking questions.

As the work day grew to a close, a girl stepped up to my desk (which was sitting in the hallway) and asked me if I would like a ride home. Although I didn't know the girl, she was somewhat familiar. She had black hair and was probably in her late teens. I accepted her invitation and without even seeming to leave my desk, I found myself sitting in the back seat of a car, while the girl and a woman driver sat in the front seat.

When the girl turned around to face me and began talking to me, I soon realized she was mentally deficient, perhaps even retarded. Her speech seemed slurred and her top left tooth in front was missing. I reflected that she certainly wasn't the kind of person with whom I normally associated, and I wondered if people might disparage me if they were to see me talking with the girl. But I quickly decided it didn't matter – I had always had a diverse group of friends and I might simply add the girl to my list. When the girl mentioned that she worked in the news department of some organization, I reflected upon my acquaintance with other people who held similar jobs.

When the car finally stopped, the woman, the girl and I stepped out in front of an old building which resembled a warehouse. As I was escorted inside, I immediately became apprehensive and worried that the girl and the woman might try to rob me. I felt my back pocket to check on my billfold. Several strange-looking characters inside the building intensified my fear, and at the first opportunity, I broke away from the others and hurried back outside.

Looking around for some means of escape, I spotted a bicycle sitting nearby. At this point, I couldn't remember how I had arrived or whether I had arrived on a bicycle, but I thought the bicycle belonged to the girl. The sleek bike was stunningly elegant. It looked as if it were brand new and was painted sky-blue with interspersed white cloud-like patches. The only peculiar thing about it was its lack of handlebars. Instead of handlebars, the bike only had small metal flaps, about the size of a hand, which could be grasped.

I jumped onto the bike and grabbed the flaps. I shouted, "Get out of my way!" to some people standing nearby and I began pedaling as fast as I could. But no matter how fast I pedaled, I only moved a few centimeters. I soon began to worry that the owner of the bike would rush out and catch me. But I simply couldn't make the bike move.

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