Dream of: 25 August 1998 "Moon Over Paraguayguay"

While incarcerated in a prison, I became part of a gang. The leader of the gang – a muscular Hispanic fellow (in his mid 20s) – wanted me to fight another prisoner, a fellow only about one meter tall who looked like a child. Since I thought my reputation would suffer if I were to fight someone so small, another fellow was found for me to fight. This new fellow, who had only recently arrived in the jail, was standing in the hallway. He was about 25 years old, lanky, with black hair. When he looked at me, I had the feeling that he didn't want to fight, but that he was being pushed into it just like I was. Nevertheless, referring to me, he said, "I think I can take him."

Other prisoners gathered around. The fellow and I faced each other and I told him I couldn't fight that well. Fortunately, just as we were about to start fighting, a guard showed up and broke up the crowd. When the other prisoners dispersed, the fellow and I began talking. He told me he was also a lawyer, and that he had blown up a building. He seemed a little crazy, but I liked him. Only now did I realize I hadn't been communicating well with the other prisoners, who weren't particularly intelligent, and that I needed someone like this lawyer who was on my own level. Even though the lawyer was a bit insane, at least we could talk.

He and I joined some other prisoners and we all began walking around the prison together. I noticed that women were also in the prison. That fact seemed unusual, but apparently a prisoner could even have a girlfriend there. We were even allowed to walk outside the prison, which was located on the bay of a ocean.

As we strolled along outside the walls of the prison, with water on one side of us, a woman prisoner walked up to our group and pulled out one of her breasts in front of us. I didn't know what point she was trying to make, but I didn't find her at all attractive. Our group continued walking until we found a bench where we sat and looked out over the water. Suddenly 20-30 guards dressed like soldiers ran up and jumped into the water. The guards formed a line and began moving along in the water until they pulled from the water a fellow prisoner who had been trying to escape. He was holding a white plastic bag which he apparently had used to hold air under the water.

When the guards marched away with the prisoner, we suddenly realized the guards had made a mistake and left us unguarded. We called to another prisoner nearby whose name was "Azteca." We knew that Azteca had wanted to try to escape, and when he came to us, we told him that this was his chance. Without hesitation, Azteca plunged into the water and began swimming. We watched him grab onto a black inner tube, and when a small boat, being driven by a woman, pulled up to him, Azteca climbed into the boat. We watched in amazement as the boat carried Azteca to the other side of the bay, where he climbed out of the boat and slipped through some houses close to the water. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. A guard finally walked up to us, but the guard was unaware of what had happened.

I was surprised when the dark-haired Hispanic leader of my gang also showed up. He set his muscular body down next to mine and leaned back toward me so his back was touching my chest. At first I thought he might want to start trouble, but then he began singing. I thought he was singing in Italian, but then I realized he was singing in Spanish. I understood everything he said, although neither he nor anyone else sitting on the bench knew that I spoke Spanish. His voice was deep and beautiful. He mentioned Jesus in the song, and then he sang about the "moon over Paraguaguay." I knew he had mispronounced the word "Paraguay," that he had added an extra syllable, but it didn't matter – his voice and the song were so beautiful anyway.

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