Dream of: 24 August 1998 "Pigeon In A Box"

I had pulled into a car wash to have my car washed, when I stepped out of the car, I realized I was driving a new bright-red sports utility vehicle which I had recently purchased. Since the vehicle, like a jeep, had no doors, I would have to be careful washing it or the water would spray inside. But when I turned away from the car for a moment and then looked back, doors had appeared from somewhere. I was puzzled by the doors now on the car, but I was certainly happy to see them. I picked up the long metal spray rod and began spraying the car.

After I had sprayed the car off, it was pulled on through the car wash for the automatic wash. The car wash being situated on several different levels, I walked up some rickety wooden steps to the third floor. Here I could stand on a wooden platform, similar to a swinging bridge, and look through a window and watch the car go through the wash.

But I soon became distracted by something else. A small wooden box lying on the floor contained a pigeon. I opened a side door of the box and pulled out the pigeon, which was tied so it couldn't move. It was dark gray and light gray. It seemed to be suffering from the binding and at first I thought I would turn it loose. But then I noticed several other pigeons walking around on the platform and I thought someone here must own the pigeons and turn them loose at certain times so they could fly home. I carefully put the pigeon back in its box, lying on its side, and shut the door to the box. But I was still worried about the pigeon.

In the meantime a group of young children only five or six years old had shown up. There must have been 20-30 children running around the place. I was concerned because they were walking out onto the wooden platform, which had no railing. They then headed down some stairs beside the platform. I followed, struggling to hold onto the side of the platform, worried I might fall. We were up on the third story and a fall could be disastrous. But I managed to follow the children without incident.

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