Dream of: 23 August 1998 "Cuban Cigars"

A fellow was telling me a story about how he had been caught selling Cuban cigars, and how he now had to get rid of a large quantity of Cuban cigars as soon as possible. His predicament seemed to be a good opportunity for me, and I asked him how much he wanted for the cigars. But when he told me he wanted $98 for each cigar, I had to hesitate. I knew Cuban cigars were supposed to be expensive, but I had had no idea anyone would pay that much for them. Besides, if I bought the cigars from the man, I would have to sell them for around $150 apiece in order to make any profit. Furthermore, how could I even be sure the cigars were authentic Cubans? Someone could easily enough wrap ordinary cigars up like Cubans.

Just then a man walked into the room and sat down on what looked like the witness chair in a courtroom. The whole room had the feel of a courtroom, and it appeared the man was about to testify. The man was Hispanic, balding, neatly dressed, probably in his early 40s. When he took one of the cigars into his hand, it became apparent that he was a cigar expert, and that he was going to give his opinion about whether the cigar was an authentic Cuban. He first put the cigar in his mouth crossways, like a dog with a bone.

I wondered if an expert could really tell the difference in cigars by smoking them – it seemed possible. Surely different kinds of cigars must have distinctive flavors. As the fellow lit up the cigar, I thought I might even be able to tell the difference myself if I smoked enough. Already I had apparently taken a hit off the cigar, because smoke was coming out of my mouth. As the smoke continued to flow out of my mouth, I reflected about how soothing the smoke seemed. Ordinarily I didn't like cigar smoke, especially considering the health risks involved. But this smoke was so pleasant. Maybe if I only took a couple hits a day off a cigar I would be able to enjoy them without adverse consequences. I would like that.

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